Kinderegg hack

Have you ever wanted to make fancy chocolate eggs for easter like the ones you buy from chocolatiers.

I did, I love making chocolates, candy and different types og sweets. I have casted chocolates before and even given a course on how to do it. The reason I used Kindereggs is that I do not have any egg moulds and as I was grocery shopping and held a pack of Kindereggs in my hand I suddenly had an idea and thought, hm why not. The Idea was to decorate the eggs with chocolate. This activity is someting you can do with your children, it can get a little messy and I manage to do that all by myself, making a mess that is;)

 You need


You can use different colored chocolate melts, I did`t have any so I used ordinary dark and white chocolate


Piping bags and tips


Powdered food coloring

Rainbow dust.

 Melt the chocolates in a double boiler, important to remember that the chocolate should not be more than 104 F(40 C)

There are many ways to decorate the eggs, I just brushed randomly one some and some I piped chocolate on.

Mixing the two chocolates gives a nice effect like the egg in the picture above.

There are so many options to how you can do this and it is your imagination that stops you.

As you can see I dusted som of the eggs to give them a nice shine.

Here are just some of the ones I made. Imagine if I had colored chocolate melts.