analizagonzales.com, Analiza GonzalesHi, my name is Analiza, I am a mother of four lovely children who has found joy in blogging about food and a few other odds and ends.

I started blogging for my own sake and to keep a diary of our meals, after a while it became a little of a challenge to see how long we could go and not eat the same for dinner. I can say that I managed for 6 months, then the family revolted because there were a few things they missed and wanted repeated a more often. But then again when I experiment and managed to make the same dish three times in 3 weeks, then they complain about having the same too often. You can never win, your damned if you do and damned if you don’t 😀 (laughing).

To me a recipe is a guide line to how to make things, we are all different and have different reference point when it comes to our taste palates. I do not salt my dishes to much and they might seem bland to some. That is why I write salt to taste or to your liking in the recipes I write down.

I am diabetic and I try to live healthy and make treats with not too much added sugar.  But sometimes I can’t help myself and make something with sugar. I am allowed to make, as long I don not eat too much, I usually just taste a bit.  My recipes are usually fast and easy, but sometimes if you want something really good you must have time and patience.

The collage below is pictures of me when I was 22, 33 and 44. I was 96 kg at my heaviest, being diabetic and balancing my diet and insulin was not easy.  It turned out that I was insulin resistant, that means that I produced insulin but my body did not always know how to use it. If I took insulin and my insulin kicked in, I had to eat, and if I ate and my insulin did not kick in I had to take a shot of insulin. Since insulin is a growth hormone I blew up. But I found a way, more exercise than insulin and within a short time I was down to normal.

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Sometimes I do thing with my children and if I post about it I will not going to use children’s real names on this blog unless they say I can, therefore I will be calling them one, two, three and four in different languages so it will sound like modern names. My eldest will be called Hanna(1995) wich means one in korean, then Dan(1996) wich means two in the old Hittite language, Sam(1999) which means three in Cantonese and my youngest goes by MiniMe(2007) or Neljä wich is four in finnish.

I was born in the Philippines, with Filipino, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese heritage. I grew up in Norway and consider it as my home. I have lived here since I was one. As an adult I have spent some years abroad, I have lived in The Bay Area in California, Hong Kong and Pusan South-Korea, so a lot of what I post is influenced by what I grew up with and what I have experienced during my stays and travels.

My Instagram:  @analiza_gonzales

The blogs Facebook:  Analiza Gonzales blog

My snapchat:  al_gojen

Norwegian blog: Lizas matverden







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  1. Hi Analiza, lovely to meet you. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for visiting my blog Lynne’s Recipe Trails. (and for the ‘like’s) I am looking forward to visiting your blog. Take care, and have a wonderful day. x

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  2. HI, Analiza! Thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to follow. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Very clever writing not to mention cookery . Keep up the good work!

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