Meat, poultry and seafood


Asian style pork leftovers

Balti butter chicken


Chicken Karrage

Chicken nuggets with minty orange and apricot sauce

Cod mac’n cheese

Creamy mussle soup

Filipino chicken skewers

Frittons de Canard

Har Gow, crystal skin shrimp dumplings


Kare kare, ox tail and peanut stew

Lechon Cebuano

Lobster au gratin

Longaniza burger

Low carb Tosilog

Mini crab and mango sandwiches

Okonomiyaki, japanese pancakes with prawns

Paksiw with Milkfish

Pasta with oysters

Pasta with yummy Italian meatballs

Potato and seafood soup

Prawns and veggie Tempura

Prawns cooked in the dishwasher

Pumpkin and coconut stew with shrimps

Quick stir fried beef

Rilettes de Canard

Salmon teriyaki

Salmon with spinach, mushroom and pistachio nuts

Samgyeopsal, grilled porkbelly Korean style

Seafood burger

Shrimp cakes

Shrimp Po’boy

Sinigang with seafood


Slow cooked short ribs.

Spring rolls

Steamed cod with applebutter

Sushi sliders

Tomato soup with minced beef