Salads, soups and stew

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Bean and iberico pork sausage soup
Borsjtsj, Russian beet soup
Cauliflower soup
Creamy mussel soup
Crepes with chicken salad
Colorful thai slaw
Egg and tomato salad
Greek salad
French onion soup
Kare kare, ox tail and peanut stew
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Kimch stew, Kimchi jjiggae
Korean hot and spicy chili pepper soup
Larb moo
Minestrone soup with dinel and lentils
Mint and parsley salad
Molo soup
Mungbean and coconut stew
Mung bean stew with Moringa leaves Ginisang munggo na may Malunggay
Mung bean stew with Moringa leaves, Ginisang munggo na may Malunggay
Munggo with lechon
Potato and seafood soup
Pumpkin and coconut stew with shrimps
Slow cooking short ribs
Spinach soup
Sopas, chicken noodle soup
Süyuqash-Uyghur lamb soup
Tinolang Tahong
Tomato soup with colorful veggies
Tomato soup with herbs and minced beef