Ardbeg Grooves

Say hello to Ardbeg Grooves. The most GROOVY that has happened since 1969 comes from the small village of Ardbeg on the Scottish island of Islay. This year’s limited edition is a celebration of the hippie era of the 60’s.

An homage to the 60’s and the hippies they say, hmmm. I try to imagine a Scottish hippie as I take a sip, but in my head I keep hearing Austin Powers saying “groovy baby”, while getting a mental picture of his crooked smile. The character is neither Scottish or hippie, but he does represent the psychedelic 60’s. I shake my head to get rid of this image, he is to funky and playful. Swirling the whiskey in my glass close to my face I smell leather and pine with a hint of smoke and ocean spray another image pops up in my mind, Jamie Fraser from the TV series Outlander, Laird James MacKenzie Fraser, Imagine him with flowers in his hair…, colorful pants and unbuttoned leather vest…. Yeah, that would be groovy baby.

The combination of malted barley, pure water from its own water source, and a huge dedication and passion has resulted in an exciting and intense whiskey.

For this 2018 limited edition, Ardbeg has experimented with an unusual type of oak barrels. Unlike most other whiskeys stored in old bourbon casks, Ardbeg Grooves has been stored in double-burned oak casks with which wine has been added. The result is a more smokey, intense and a groovy experience.

This Ardbeg has an intense aroma of smoked cinnamon and paprika, leather, pine, with a hint of bonfire and ocean spray. There are also small hints of lavender, white pepper and fresh flowers mixed with coriander and mint.

When you taste it you get a heavy mouthfeel with salted toffee, vanilla popcorn, salted fruits with a touch of smoked meat and seaweed, and also smoked apples and pears..

Very OsloPhoto: Haakon Hoseth@

At the press release I went to they served a few drinks with Ardbeg and this was one of my favorites.

Peated Whiskey Sour

4 cl Ardbeg An Oa
4 cl lemon
2 cl sugar
2 dasher angostura
1.5 cl egg white

Reverse dry shakes, double traces and server in a cool coupette glass.

Cool a coupette glass.
Pour all the ingredients in a shaker.
Shake the ingredients with ice.
Remove the ice, and shake again.
Double trains over the cooled coupette glass.

Paloma, Mescal, Cocktail


This  refreshing smooth and fruity cocktail is a favorite in Mexico. This version is made with Mescal a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave plants native to Mexico.

Ingredients for one serving

1 grapefruit slice
¼ cup of fresh grapefruit juice
1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon of sugar
¼ cup of mescal
¼ cup club soda

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker, shake and pour in to a glass, top with ice and garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

Lysholm No 52 and Aquatonic

Press release

Lysholm No52 – Radical innovation within Norwegian aquavit

Master blender Ivan Abrahamsen and his team at Arcus has developed the perfect aquavit for cocktails. Thus, everything is set for a further development of the aquavit category internationally.

LysholmAquavit - White

























Aquavit, Norway’s national liquor is traditionally served neat together with food or beer. However, aquavit’s versatility in cocktails has lately been discovered by bartenders around the world, and has quickly gained recognition internationally. Today aquavit in cocktails has emerged in big cities like New York, London and of course Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. As a response to the increasing demand of an aquavit for mixology, Arcus created Lysholm No52, especially composed to work well in cocktails.

– This actually turns out to be the greatest innovation within Norwegian aquavit in recent time, says Master Blender Ivan Abrahamsen. He hopes the new product eventually will become a permanent resident in bars and homes around the world.

Lysholm No52 is a fresh and complex aquavit, with a distinguished taste of citrus. It contains 11 different botanicals, including Norwegian caraway, star anise, coriander, bitter orange peels and ginger. The latter is not commonly used in aquavit, but gives Lysholm No52 its fresh spiciness, which is perfect when mixing cocktails. Compared with other Norwegian aquavits, No52 is more spicy and stronger in flavour as it has to pass through all the other ingredients in a cocktail.

– Compared to the Norwegian cask matured aquavits, No52 does not have the round, sweet oak flavours and vanilla notes you get through cask ageing, explains Master blender Ivan Abrahamsen.

Lysholm No52 is a tribute to Jørgen B. Lysholm, one of the great Norwegian innovators when it comes to spirits. Jørgen B. Lysholm has been a great inspiration for Arcus’ product developers when composing the recipe for the new aquavit. The recipe was number 52 in the series of recipes the team developed before the finding the right flavour, hence the name No52.
Lysholm52 bilde med kryddere

Try it yourself:
1 part Lysholm No52
2 parts tonic
Lemon or cucumber
Fill up a longdrink glass with ice. Pour in Lysholm No52 and fill up with tonic.
Rub a lemon or cucumber slice around the rim of the glass and put it into the glass. Stir and serve.

Aquavit is a Scandinavian flavoured spirit. The liquor gets it distinctive taste from the distillation of herbs and spices. Norwegian aquavit is made from potatoes and is normally matured in oak casks. The main spices are caraway or dill. The word aquavit comes from Latin, aqua vitae, water of life.

Aquavit is an important part of the Scandinavian drinking culture. The consumption is often connected to holidays such as Christmas or Easter.

Jørgen B. Lysholm.
Jørgen B. Lysholm was one of the real pioneers within spirits in Norway. After his chemistry studies in Berlin, he returned to Norway in 1820 and started his own distillery. He then created the foundation for what Norwegian aquavit has become today.

Apple gløgg consentrate

Gløgg is Norway’s equivalent of mulled wine. The traditional Gløgg is dark with a red wine base and seeped with a wide range of dried fruits and spices. This version is more like spiced apple cider and a little lighter than the traditional one and not as sweet. A bottle of this would be a nice addition to any food hamper you give away for christmas or just as small hostess gift for when you visiting.
I dried apples slices to serve with this drink and also to give away with a bottle of this concentrate.
1 liter good quality apple juice
1 bottle of white wine
1 dl sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
8-10 whole cloves
4  quarter inch slices of fresh ginger
1 vanilla pod
For garnish
Dried apple slices
Dried cranberries
Cinnamon sticks
If you want to make more just adjust the recipe.
Putt all the ingredients in a pot and cook to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer until the liquid is halved. Strain the drink and pour it in sterile bottles.
When serving this drink I take one part of the concentrate and one part juice or white wine or a mix of both.
Heat up the mixture and pour the warm liquid into glasses and garnish with dried apple slices, dried cranberries and cinnamon.
How to dry apple slices
Cut the apples in fairly thin slices and put them on a rack in the oven or a dehydrator.
In the oven you can leave them overnight on 50-60 C.
Super easy to make:)

Amarula shake

Friday drink with Amarula chocolate shake
Amarula is a South African cream liqueur made from elephants’ favorite fruit that grows on the marulatreet.
The kids wanted chocolate shake and I wanted to put a little extra in mine, so I made some with a bit liqueur and some without. 
Ingredients for each drink
0.5 dl Amarula
2 dl milk
2 dl chocolate ice cream
chocolate sauce
cake Decoration
Whipped cream
Mix liqueur, milk and ice cream in a blender until velvety smooth mixture
Pour chocolate sauce along the sides  inside of the glass and pour shake in and garnish with whipped cream and cake decorations.
For children make it without the liquore.

Caipi Sandeman

Think a little differently a friend told me when she gave me this recipe.
why not try to make a caipirña ish drink with light port. It was surprisingly nice. While making this I saw that my neighbour had a bbq in his garden and asked them if they wanted to help me finish up the drinks I made.
7,5 cl Sandeman White Port
1/2 Lime
1 tss sugar

Cut the lime i four and muddle the lightly in the glass, add sugar and fill the glass with ice and add the white port.

God fredag å dere:)


Whenever I get an eggnog in hand I get a  little nostalgic and dream about Christmas in California, a different christmas than what I was used to. Back then an American christmas to me was an overflow of lights and decorations compared to the more sober Norwegian celebration and I guess it still is.
The few Christmas holidays I spent away from home was with my room mates family, at their ranch in Sacramento. Northern California can be chilly around the Holidays, but I can still remember running arround i shorts and t-shirts.
Those were the days, young and carefree. My first Christmas there I did a little attempt on herding the little calves on an ATV, but I just spread them arround 😀
Riding around on an old docile Saddleback and remember getting the poor old thing to gallop. “Analiza, was that the old Saddleback and you I saw speed along by the old tree? I haven’t seen the old gal gallop that fast in a long time” Oops.  It was a fun and different Christmas, but it was not all just rosy, I went back to San Fransisco with a huge bruise on my shoulder. It was my own fault for not holding the shot-gun properly when skeet shooting.
Eggnog is a creamy and sweet drink full of holiday cheer. To get as much flavour out of this drink, starts with infusing milk and cream with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla beans. Then slowly stream the warm infused milk into beaten eggs and sugar, before you add the bourbon and brandy. After a cool-down in the refrigerator for all of these delicious flavors to marry, add fluffy egg whites before serving to give i an airy lift. This drink can be served warm or cold.

1000 ml/4 cups whole milk

250 ml/1 cup  heavy or double cream

3 cinnamon sticks

1 vanilla bean pod

1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg, plus more for garnish

8 eggs, separated

2/3 cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup Whiskey/Bourbon

1/2 cup Brandy/Cognac

Combine milk, cream, cinnamon, vanilla bean, vanilla seeds and nutmeg in a saucepan, bring to the boil over a medium heat. Once boiling, remove from the heat and allow to steep.

Beat egg yolks and sugar in a large bowl or in a mixer until thick ribbons form when the whisk is lifted. Slowly whisk in the infused milk and continue to mix until the mixture is combined and smooth. Add bourbon or rum, and stir. Refrigerate overnight or for up to 3 days.

Before serving, beat the egg whites in a large bowl or mixer until soft peaks form. Gently fold into eggnog until combined. Serve and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

If you want to serve this warm, heat the eggnog up in a double boiler or very carefully in a sauce pan.

A little suggestion, what if you use coffee or chocolate liquor instead of Bourbon and Brandy instead.

Remy Martin Side car

The girls were bold, liberated and had short cut hair.

They painted their lips with raspberry red lipstick and pouted their mouths.

They wore scandalously short dresses adorned with feathers and pearls.

This is the image I have of the Flapper girls in the 1920’s.

Side Car is said to be a drink from that era, invented in either London or Paris at the end of the 1st World War.

The young had started to go out more to meet each other, they went to variéte, to cinemas and to cafes.

Tey lived a more licentious life than what they had used to before.


4 cl Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish

2 cl Cointreau

1 cl Fresh lemon juice

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

For those who do not like sweet drinks, this could be a hit.

With six parts alcohol and 1 part lemon juice this was strong a little on the strong side and one is enough for me:)

Raspberry Mojito

This week I was invited to a wine tasting evening with Pernod Ricard, where we were greeted with this drink, a delishous red raspberry mojito. I asked for the recipe and I try to make it with the ingredients I had available I did not have the same type of Havana Club home and I was out of mint, but I had peppermint in the garden.
Recipe for Havana Club Rasberry Mojito
4 cl Havana Club 3 Años Añjeo (possibly. Havana Club Añejo Blanco)
2 cl freshly squeezed lime (about ½ lime)
8-12 mint leaves
4.5 raspberries
4 cl soda water
1 cl sugarsyrup (alternatively 1 tsp sugar)
Crushed iceSqueeze lime in a glass, add sugar syrup, 4-5 raspberries and muddle . If you use sugar stirr well til everything is disolved.
Then add 4 cl Havana Club 3 Años Añjeo and torn mint leaves.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and then soda water.
Garnish with some mint and raspberries.
PS: Peppermint did not work, use mint.