My reading nook

There is a place in my livingrom I like to kick off my shoes, wrap myself in a comfy blanket, put my feet up on the old worn leather puff and relax and preferably with a good book.

In this corner I have placed someting old, something new, something bought and some hand me downs.

I went by my one of my  favorite store a little while ago and found the metal and leather chair from a Danish brand called House Doctor and I knew where to put it right away. It has been in this corner ever since since I bought it, mostly by itself and a little side table or over Christmas with a christmastree. It looked quite lonely, but I remebered having the little teak table that I had found at a Salvation army thrift store(Fretex) tucked away somewhere and thought it would look good with the chair.

The worn leather puff I found at my mother in laws, she hasn’t used it for a while and I thought it would look a lot better at my place than gathering dust in her basement.

I am quite pleased with the outcome of this corner.

These shoes are not made for walking;) so kicking them off is a relief. I do not wear them much anymore, as the years pile on your feet screams for comfy shoes or atleast my feet does. The problem is since I have been married to a man a foot taller than me, my closet is full of them. I am not complaining, beeing a woman I can only say I LOVE SHOES:)

I went by a friend who has an upholstery business Gines møbleverksted she had made this Audrey Hepburn pillow with fabric from Andrew Martin. I just had to have it, I just love this pillow girlie and reminds me of yesteryears.

The story behind this puff is that my mother in law got it when she was in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 when she was on a arround the world trip, she hand carried it for the rest of the trip all the back to Norway. It is worn down as I already said, the leather is a little cracked I think it that it gives it its charm and it is to beautiful to be tucked away.