My reading nook

There is a place in my livingrom I like to kick off my shoes, wrap myself in a comfy blanket, put my feet up on the old worn leather puff and relax and preferably with a good book.

In this corner I have placed someting old, something new, something bought and some hand me downs.

I went by my one of my  favorite store a little while ago and found the metal and leather chair from a Danish brand called House Doctor and I knew where to put it right away. It has been in this corner ever since since I bought it, mostly by itself and a little side table or over Christmas with a christmastree. It looked quite lonely, but I remebered having the little teak table that I had found at a Salvation army thrift store(Fretex) tucked away somewhere and thought it would look good with the chair.

The worn leather puff I found at my mother in laws, she hasn’t used it for a while and I thought it would look a lot better at my place than gathering dust in her basement.

I am quite pleased with the outcome of this corner.

These shoes are not made for walking;) so kicking them off is a relief. I do not wear them much anymore, as the years pile on your feet screams for comfy shoes or atleast my feet does. The problem is since I have been married to a man a foot taller than me, my closet is full of them. I am not complaining, beeing a woman I can only say I LOVE SHOES:)

I went by a friend who has an upholstery business Gines møbleverksted she had made this Audrey Hepburn pillow with fabric from Andrew Martin. I just had to have it, I just love this pillow girlie and reminds me of yesteryears.

The story behind this puff is that my mother in law got it when she was in Rio de Janeiro in 1979 when she was on a arround the world trip, she hand carried it for the rest of the trip all the back to Norway. It is worn down as I already said, the leather is a little cracked I think it that it gives it its charm and it is to beautiful to be tucked away.



Whitewash has become very popular and this type of paint comes in a wide variation of colors. I wanted to be bold and go for a bold color, but I chickened out and used white.

When I bought my new place, the rooms in the attic had a yellowish tint and when I painted the floors light grey I they really thought they looked yellow.

I decided to try out a new whitewash, that just came out on the market here in Norway.

Milkpaint and Safepaint, the difference between the two is that Milkpaint needs an extra bonding agent when you mix it, specially when you are going to paint an already painted surfaces.

 It was easy to use I just followed the instructions on the packet and started mixing.

I put the powder in a large bucket

and added water, it was almost like making waffles;)

 Then it was ready for use,

I used the color snow white and as you can see from the top picture, it gave the room a clean and crisp look.


My toilet

When it comes to my own style, I must confess that I am very incecure, I like so many different looks.

In the end or at least for now I have chosen light colors in my new appartement, light, bright and optimistic


 Since the appartement has high celings, tall windows, a classical look feels more natural and I can just supplement with a few modern things to make it look a little up to date.

Maybe a little industrial, retro and so on.

As you can see the I did the toilet in grey and white, it is not to big and dark colors would have made it small I think.

MI needes something to store all my toilet stuff and came across this display cabinet and thought why not.

I put my toiletpaper rolls in it, my cheap IKEA towles and little odds and ends.

I even manage to put some scented candles from Durance and Voluspa in there:)

Wood storage

Cosy advent lights in antisipation of Christmas, last sunday we lit the second candle counting down towards  the festive hollidays.

It is perched on top of on Expedit shelves I bought from IKEA.

Winter has finally arrived and it is getting colder and ligting the fireplace gives a warm and cosy feeling.

I got some fire wood and did not have a nice way to store it, so I just sett it on top of some brown packaging paper.

As you can see from the picture below it does not look very nice.

What I really want is a built in niche to put it in, but that means I have to get rid of the fireplace and construct a new one, to much hassle for wood storage.

Then I got this bright idea that I can use shelves to store the wood.

So I went to IKEA, got single expedit shelfs for wall mounting and stacked them on top of eachother

They do give a look that I like, almost like niches

I think that two may be enough, because with three, the tiles that decorates the fireplace gets hidden

It would be nice to stack three on top of eachother, but as you can see only the top tile is showing.

I am not really sure yet, I might end up with three during winter and put one of them away during the warmer seasons.


IKEA a loved and hated place

For the average joe/jane IKEA is a fabulous place to get trendy looking furniture for reasonable price. I have a love hate relationship whith this place, I hate the ques at the check out counter and love the fact I can get reasonable priced things. When that is said, you get what you pay for.

After a short to IKEA have I have purchased a few thisng to complete the apartement, 3 Isala cabinets for the dining area, a few cheap rugs, curtains, and a lamp shade for mummys old gren lamp

I got some sheer cotton curtains for the dining area and living room. I was contempating lift curtains in  bleached linnen, but these are fine for now.
The two carpets I got is to protect the painted floors from wear and tear.
The carpets are temporary untill I find some that I really love, the black and white one is made of polyester, a material I wouldn’t choose normaly but for less than  NOK 500 that one is still ok.
I have ambevalent feelings when it comes to shopping at IKEA, I cant’t seem to not go there if I need anything cheap and temporary, but hate the fuss, hustle and bustle of the place.
The appatrement is starting to look like home.

The appartement is getting there

The new appartement floors has been allowed to dry and harden for a few days since I painted them, so I have begun moving in a few furnitures. Most of what I have is what I have brought with me from the old house. It is still chaotic, but it is starting to look like someones home.
When they heard that I was moving out my husband’s aunty asked if I needed any furniture, they had an old coffee table in the attic that they in turn got from an aunt and uncle when they were setting up their first home. I said yes I thought it might look good with my sofa
I’m trying to decide if I am keeping it the way it is or maybe paint it. What do you think?
 The dinning set is from the children’s great grand mother and it used to be pink, I gave it a couple of layers of paint a few years ago and had the seats re upholstered. The only new item in the appartement for now is the lamp from House Doctor above the table.
There is still a lot to do and I have to think about this as just another move, like we usually do when we have moved arround for hubby’s work.
I have to look at this as new opportunities and possibilities.

Finally finished painting the hall

After a wonderfoull day spent out in the sun, I decided that I should finish up what I had started and paint the wall in the hall with the thorne wallpaper, I hade already pinted it ones, but the color looked to much like tooth paste, so I had to do it again.

The new coloror is simmilar to the one I first painted, but there is a little red in this one so it didn’t look so bright as the one before.

I even hung up the pictures of Hanna and Dan from ehen they were little toddlers. The dresser is a souvenir from our stay in Hong kong.

This room connects the livingromm, garage and the office.

The cabinets you see on the right are shoe cabinets, in idea I got from our stay in South Korea.

This view is from the livingroom.

The Kitchen is done

A little over a year ago we started renovating our old kitchen. We basically demolished the old one and the dining room, we had to put in iron beams so the house would not fall apart. It was really bad, we do not actually know when the structure was built only that it was made into a house in 1947, before that it used to be a barn.

The workers piled som of the rubbish outside the kitchen while waiting for the container to be emptied.

I forgot to take before pictures of the two small rooms, so very typical me. We did not have much pictures taken earlier either, I must have the rooms un documentable 😀

Slowly but surely the room began to take shape. The foundation had to be evened out, there was a hight difference of 7 cm from one end to the other. Then the walls and the ceiling had to be adjusted. We used a combination of drywall and Mdf panels.

 Closed up the old terrace door and put in double french doors were a window used to be.

I thought it was difficult to decide how to shape my kitchen, it is easier to help others. What to do you have to think about form follows function and all that, plus how to stuff the place with all the gadget you want and of course without the place feeling crowded. There was so much I wanted to do with the kitchen, but not enough space, time or money.

We ended up with a basic kitchen from IKEA with a few extras that we wanted to fit our kitchen with.

The kitchen is taking shape and unfortunately no more pictures of the process.

While I wait for my family to return, have decorated the kitchen with a few flower and Easter ready.

Spring cleaned and Easter decorated kitchen 🙂

One of my favorite features is the kitchen fan from Eico, We did not want a fan that took a lot of space in the middle of the room.

Do you like?

 Evening picture.

I am quite happy, Could I have done it differently? Of course.

To this kitchen is practical and easy to organize. Best of all I put it almost all by myself. I got a bit of help putting up two of the upper cabinets. I got help carrying the kitchen counters, they are a bit heavy. For the biggest piece we had to be 4 people to put it in place. The renovation part, electricity and water I let professionals handle.

We can fit 12 people around the table in the kitchen dining area and at the most we have been20 but then it is very crowded. When pulled out to the fullest the dinning table is 6 meters. I think that we probably should start renovate another room to make a formal dinning room 🙂