Ardbeg Grooves

Say hello to Ardbeg Grooves. The most GROOVY that has happened since 1969 comes from the small village of Ardbeg on the Scottish island of Islay. This year’s limited edition is a celebration of the hippie era of the 60’s.

An homage to the 60’s and the hippies they say, hmmm. I try to imagine a Scottish hippie as I take a sip, but in my head I keep hearing Austin Powers saying “groovy baby”, while getting a mental picture of his crooked smile. The character is neither Scottish or hippie, but he does represent the psychedelic 60’s. I shake my head to get rid of this image, he is to funky and playful. Swirling the whiskey in my glass close to my face I smell leather and pine with a hint of smoke and ocean spray another image pops up in my mind, Jamie Fraser from the TV series Outlander, Laird James MacKenzie Fraser, Imagine him with flowers in his hair…, colorful pants and unbuttoned leather vest…. Yeah, that would be groovy baby.

The combination of malted barley, pure water from its own water source, and a huge dedication and passion has resulted in an exciting and intense whiskey.

For this 2018 limited edition, Ardbeg has experimented with an unusual type of oak barrels. Unlike most other whiskeys stored in old bourbon casks, Ardbeg Grooves has been stored in double-burned oak casks with which wine has been added. The result is a more smokey, intense and a groovy experience.

This Ardbeg has an intense aroma of smoked cinnamon and paprika, leather, pine, with a hint of bonfire and ocean spray. There are also small hints of lavender, white pepper and fresh flowers mixed with coriander and mint.

When you taste it you get a heavy mouthfeel with salted toffee, vanilla popcorn, salted fruits with a touch of smoked meat and seaweed, and also smoked apples and pears..

Very OsloPhoto: Haakon Hoseth@

At the press release I went to they served a few drinks with Ardbeg and this was one of my favorites.

Peated Whiskey Sour

4 cl Ardbeg An Oa
4 cl lemon
2 cl sugar
2 dasher angostura
1.5 cl egg white

Reverse dry shakes, double traces and server in a cool coupette glass.

Cool a coupette glass.
Pour all the ingredients in a shaker.
Shake the ingredients with ice.
Remove the ice, and shake again.
Double trains over the cooled coupette glass.

Lysholm No 52 and Aquatonic

Press release

Lysholm No52 – Radical innovation within Norwegian aquavit

Master blender Ivan Abrahamsen and his team at Arcus has developed the perfect aquavit for cocktails. Thus, everything is set for a further development of the aquavit category internationally.

LysholmAquavit - White

























Aquavit, Norway’s national liquor is traditionally served neat together with food or beer. However, aquavit’s versatility in cocktails has lately been discovered by bartenders around the world, and has quickly gained recognition internationally. Today aquavit in cocktails has emerged in big cities like New York, London and of course Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. As a response to the increasing demand of an aquavit for mixology, Arcus created Lysholm No52, especially composed to work well in cocktails.

– This actually turns out to be the greatest innovation within Norwegian aquavit in recent time, says Master Blender Ivan Abrahamsen. He hopes the new product eventually will become a permanent resident in bars and homes around the world.

Lysholm No52 is a fresh and complex aquavit, with a distinguished taste of citrus. It contains 11 different botanicals, including Norwegian caraway, star anise, coriander, bitter orange peels and ginger. The latter is not commonly used in aquavit, but gives Lysholm No52 its fresh spiciness, which is perfect when mixing cocktails. Compared with other Norwegian aquavits, No52 is more spicy and stronger in flavour as it has to pass through all the other ingredients in a cocktail.

– Compared to the Norwegian cask matured aquavits, No52 does not have the round, sweet oak flavours and vanilla notes you get through cask ageing, explains Master blender Ivan Abrahamsen.

Lysholm No52 is a tribute to Jørgen B. Lysholm, one of the great Norwegian innovators when it comes to spirits. Jørgen B. Lysholm has been a great inspiration for Arcus’ product developers when composing the recipe for the new aquavit. The recipe was number 52 in the series of recipes the team developed before the finding the right flavour, hence the name No52.
Lysholm52 bilde med kryddere

Try it yourself:
1 part Lysholm No52
2 parts tonic
Lemon or cucumber
Fill up a longdrink glass with ice. Pour in Lysholm No52 and fill up with tonic.
Rub a lemon or cucumber slice around the rim of the glass and put it into the glass. Stir and serve.

Aquavit is a Scandinavian flavoured spirit. The liquor gets it distinctive taste from the distillation of herbs and spices. Norwegian aquavit is made from potatoes and is normally matured in oak casks. The main spices are caraway or dill. The word aquavit comes from Latin, aqua vitae, water of life.

Aquavit is an important part of the Scandinavian drinking culture. The consumption is often connected to holidays such as Christmas or Easter.

Jørgen B. Lysholm.
Jørgen B. Lysholm was one of the real pioneers within spirits in Norway. After his chemistry studies in Berlin, he returned to Norway in 1820 and started his own distillery. He then created the foundation for what Norwegian aquavit has become today.

You only need one table spoon of oil in an Actifry

I got an Actifry for Christmas and it prepares fried food in a healthier way. I did not plan to write about this piece of kitchen equipment because my first attempt frying in this thing did not go so well, my fries turned out as if I had put them in the oven, my potato strips was just limp.
I cut the potatoes as I was supposed to do and soaked them in icy cold water to remove the starch, dried them off and placed them in the basket that came with the .You can see the results below, they turned out dark and limp.
I realized the error of my first attempt, my mum was tidying and said “Analiza do you need this thing in the box or should I just throw it away?” Aha, I light went off and I new what to do. I repeated the process and this time the potato strips was placed in the non stick pan with the rotating arm I almost threw away. The result was perfect fries, crisp on the out side and soft in the middle.
I must admit I was very surprised because after my first try I was very disappointed. With just one table spoon of oil I had nice crisp fries.
The machine can fry 2 pounds of fries in one go and you only need to use one tablespoon of oil.
Since I got this result I wonder what else I can cook in this machine. I¨ll probably experiment some in the coming days, so stay tuned.
First attempt
Second attempt
Sweet potatoes, not very crispy but still nice
Best result was the frozen ones

Food delivery

Home delivery of food has become more and more popular in Norway.

People seem to have lesser time on their hand,, places to go and people to meet and not everybody is very fond of planning their meals, but enjoy to eat good food.

This week I have tried out food home delivery Adamsmatkasse.

Ingredients and recipes for 5 dinners, 1 tart plus 4 kg fresh fruits.

What you see in the top picture is basically what was in the boxes and it is supposed to be enough for a family of four. Doesn’t look much does it and I have to admit that I was a little worried that it would not be enough for the four of us still living in my household.

What does a family of four consist of?

Two adults and two small children, 4 adults, one adult and three young children or a family like mine with one adult, two hungry teens(18 and 15) and a little wee one.

My fifteen year old who helped me carry the boxes in to the kitchen has passed 6’1″ already, he snickered a little when he saw the amount of proteins

But oh well, best to keep an open mind

During this week we had

Baked cod with romaesco and a cucumber- and dillsalad

My initial worry about this not being enough food was needless, there was enough.

MiniMe is a little bit picky when it comes to vegetables, I tried to get her to try te romanesco and said “Look sweetie they look like mini christmastrees” where up on the little sweetie answered “I don’t want to eat christmastrees” Jeez, mum really need to think about her analogies.

Baby romaine taco with corn, bell peppers and beans.

Nothing bad to say about this dish except that we ran out of lettuce, ha ha ha and I was worried about not enough proteins. We ended up eating half of it without lettuce, I did not feel like running to the store in the middle of dinner.

Fish au gratin with lemon sauce and colorful vegetables

Front Ribs with homemade ajvar sauce and lime scented couscous salad. 

My “little” carnivores had been looking forward to this meal, but they missed bbq sauce. It was not because that the boys did not like the  ajvar sauce, it was just different.

The meal did fill us up, but sometimes the eye wants more than the tummy, the boys wondered if this was it and looking at MiniMes plate and hoping she did not want hers:)

She knew they wanted hers and took her time eating every little bit 😀

Baked potato with ham, veggies and sour cream.

Tart Tatin a la Adam

For this recipe we only got the apples, most households have the extra ingredients like flour, butter and sugar.

I liked the variation of meals in this delivery box and I feel it was healthy and nutritional as well.

I would recommend subscribing for food deliveries like this if you do not have time to prepare and your priority is not grocery shopping or if you have hectic periods that take you to other places but your kitchen. Besides it is only five meals and no breakfast and no lunch, so you do have to actually go grocery shopping once in a while. Another solution is to eat out, invite yourself to someone or invite someone to you:)