You only need one table spoon of oil in an Actifry

I got an Actifry for Christmas and it prepares fried food in a healthier way. I did not plan to write about this piece of kitchen equipment because my first attempt frying in this thing did not go so well, my fries turned out as if I had put them in the oven, my potato strips was just limp.
I cut the potatoes as I was supposed to do and soaked them in icy cold water to remove the starch, dried them off and placed them in the basket that came with the .You can see the results below, they turned out dark and limp.
I realized the error of my first attempt, my mum was tidying and said “Analiza do you need this thing in the box or should I just throw it away?” Aha, I light went off and I new what to do. I repeated the process and this time the potato strips was placed in the non stick pan with the rotating arm I almost threw away. The result was perfect fries, crisp on the out side and soft in the middle.
I must admit I was very surprised because after my first try I was very disappointed. With just one table spoon of oil I had nice crisp fries.
The machine can fry 2 pounds of fries in one go and you only need to use one tablespoon of oil.
Since I got this result I wonder what else I can cook in this machine. I¨ll probably experiment some in the coming days, so stay tuned.
First attempt
Second attempt
Sweet potatoes, not very crispy but still nice
Best result was the frozen ones