Decadent calori rich yummy chocolate and caramel drip cake with buttercream

Drip cake

My boyfriends birthday is coming up Analiza. Can you teach me to make a cake? Of course I can. What kind of cake do you want? I do not know, but he wants caramel flavour. There are so many styles of cake to choose from. She wanted a cake that she could make later   without my help, so we went for a naked drip cake.

This cake is rich and heavy and I mean literally heavy, look at the ingredients and you will see that it weighs a few kilos.

Caramel cake

What do I need for the cake? I thought about it and decided that she needed for three 23 cm/9 inch diameter cake tins was:

12 room temperatured eggs
450 g sugar
450 g flour
1,5 tsp baking powder
melted butter for brushing your cake tin
some flour for dusting your cake tin

Bailys, milk or orange juice to moisten the cake

Grease 3 x deep, 23cm round cake tins and line bases with baking paper.

Sift flours and baking powder together three times to aerate.

Preheat oven to 180C.

Make this in one batch if you have a big enough mixing bowl or make three batches.

Use an electric mixer and beat eggs and sugar in a large bowl on medium-high speed until mixture is thick, pale and tripled in volume.

Gradually sift flour mixture over egg mixture while simultaneously folding in with a large metal spoon until just combined.

Divide mixture between prepared tins. To level batter, gently spin tins on kitchen counter. Bake for 20 minutes or until cakes have shrunk away from the sides slightly and when pricked with a pick it comes out dry.

Turn out on to baking paper-lined wire racks. Carefully peel away baking paper, then leave to cool.

When cooled cut each cake in two

Drip cake recipe

Chocolate frosting:
1 can condensed milk
200 g butter
300 g dark chocolate
1 egg

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt butter and chocolate and stir in condensed milk. Beat well while heating up the mixture on medium heat. Pull the sauce pan of the heat and let it cool for a bit.

Beat the egg and add to the warm mixture , whisk until the egg is incorporated and re heat the mixture until it gets thick and glossy

Chocolate caramel filling
1 can condensed milk
200 g butter
200 g milk chocolate

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt butter and chocolate and stir in condensed milk. Beat well while heating up the mixture on medium heat. Heat the mixture on medium to high heat and keep stirring until the mixture becomes thick.

Butter cream
500 g room temperatured butter
500 g icing sugar
1,5 tsp vanilla extract
0,5 dl chocolate caramel filling

Beat the butter in a large bowl until soft. Add half of the icing sugar and beat until smooth.


Add the remaining icing sugar, vanilla extract and the chocolate caramel filling, beat the mixture until creamy and smooth.

Decorating cake

Chocolate covered popping candy
Edible luster
Dark chocolate

M'n ms

Moisten each cake halves with 2-3 tbsp Baileys, milk or juice.

Spread chocolate caramel filling on each halves except the top one, spread the buttercream evenly on each of the cake halves. Stack the cakes on top of each other and coat the cake evenly with the top layer of butter cream. Since this is a naked cake you want a thin layer of buttercream around the cake. Put the cake in the fridge for about 15 minutes before you put the last layer of frosting/chocolate glaze.


Spread the chocolate topping on the chilled cake and let it run down the top edge.

Decorate the cake with decoration you want.

My god sons babtismal cake that MiniMe made and I only helped out a bit.

My cousins asked if I could bake a cake for her sons baptism and of course I am going to bake a cake for my god son, but did I.

MiniMe has been planning this cake for weeks. A few weeks ago when she came home from school she asked me about the cake.

MiniMe: Mum, you haven’t forgotten about the cake have you?
Me: What cake?
MiniMe: You know, for the baby’s babtism.
Me: No, I still have a few weeks to make it.
MiniME: Oh good, I have a few ideas for the decoration and it has to be blue”

We, she my little pride and joy made the cakes and most of the decoration.

She also made little booties, a rattle and letters. You never know what little children can do given a little instructions. Yes, mummy is brimming with pride.

This cake project ended up with MiniMe doing most of the work. My lucky task was to color the marzipan in different shades of blue and help her out if she was stuck, by giving her instructions.

I also got to put the cake in and take it out of the oven. Oh yes, I had to measure out the flour for her and assembled the cake.


MiniMe made 2 chocolate and 2 sponge cake

Each sponge cake layer consisted of 

6 eggs
2 dl sugar
3 dl flour
1 tsp baking powder

The chocolate sponge consisted of

6 eggs
2 dl sugar
2 dl flour
1 dl cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder

Whisk egg and sugar white and sift in the rest of the ingredients. Fold the dry ingredients in the eggs carefully and pour it into a roasting pan about 26 cm X 36 cm. Bake in a pre heated oven for 10 minutes on 180 C.

After baking I trimmed the cake to the size of an A4 sized paper.

For filling and dirty icing I used

2,4 liter of cream that I whipped to cream with

2 tbsp powdered sugar infused with vanilla


600 g naturally sweetened raspberry jam.

250 g fresh raspberries

For cake decoration she used 1 kg marzipan and colored with Wilton Royal blue icing color.

To cover the cake I used 2 kg marzipan that i rolled out about 3-4 mm thickness. You need quite a bit more than what you need in order to get a nice cover on your cake. I usually make the marzipan cover a total of 20 cm wider and longer than I need, 10 cm on each side.

A traditional celebratory cake in Norway is a sponge cake with with berries and cream covered with either marzipan or cream, “marsipankake” or a “bløtkake”, for a child’s party a chocolate cake is common to make. we made a combination of both

The teddy above she made all by herself and without any instructions from me.

I made the little blocks with letters and numbers, the baby’s initials, and the date.



What’s odd with this picture?


Did you see it right away? Yes, the planter with the succulents is actually a cake.

I had a little fun in the Kitchen today and used my regular petal, leaf, open star and round tips and got something quirky and fun

With the regular piping techniques, I got wonderful succulents and cacti.

This is actually the first time I make succulents and cacti, but I have piped other flowers before.

The cake it self I roughly covered with grey butter cream, to resemble concrete.


I mixed different colors of green and a few others like pink and yellow.

Then I piped the succulentish figures, these below I have used leaf and petal tip. The petal tip I faced the larger rounded end upwards and used the same technique as to pipe a rose.


Pipe your succulents using a piping nail, stick a piece of baking paper on the top of your piping nail, use a little bit of the frosting as glue, pipe a succulent and place it on a cookie sheet. Make the amount you want to use and put it somewhere cool, the butter wil harden and so much easier to place them on the cake later.

Place your succulents on your cake and pipe a cactus where you want to fill a gap.

Use an open star tip for piping mini cacti and pipe some pink frosting on some, just to make a different type of cactus.

succucact agj

As alway I made a mess

2016-01-22 17.08.43

Like I said it is the first time I make one of these, hope you liked it.

Use your favorite butter cream and favorite cake to make your faux planter with faux succulents and cacti.

The Butter cream I used I found HERE

6 tablespoons flour
5 dl milk
500 g unsalted butter
500 g icing sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla exstrakt
Combine flour and milk in a saucepan and whisk to a lump free mixture before you start heating it up. Heat up the mixture to an almost boil and stir all the time so it won’t stick and burn, when the flour is cooked this becomes a velvety smooth pudding. Remove from heat and let it cool. I usually transfer this mixture to another bowl and cover it fit cling film, making sure the cling film touches the porridge, this way you wont get any surface film.
While waiting for the porridge to cool(remember that if you use it when it is to warm it can melt the butter cream).
Beat butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract on medium speed to normal butter cream.
When the milk and flour mixture is cool enough to be used, add it little by little into the butter cream, you will get a light and fluffy cream.20160122_142008-1