Healtier Easter treats

Help yourself to health conscious treats this Easter, marzipan made with only two ingredients, raw almonds and dates. Covered in dark chocolate and some fancy decoration, these little balls of goodness will brighten your day. You can actually indulge in these goodies throughout the year.

The inspiration for these round goodnesses were these energy squares I made a few years ago, recipe in Norwegian HERE. Marzipan as many know is made of almonds, egg white, sugar / glucose and often added a little cognac, sherry or another nice liqueur for flavour. The main ingredients are almonds that needs a binder and sweetener, when I made energy squares I used dates to keep everything together so I thought why not use them to make a healthier marzipan. This is a simple idea and I am not claiming it to be mine.

To get the most out of the ingredients, I did not to blanch the almonds. The date are already dark in color, so you will not notice it when the two are mixed together, pluss you get added health benefits with the skin on.


I used:

100 g whole almonds

100-150 g ground/grated almonds

200 g of dates (remember to remove stones)

200 g dark chocolate

Desired edible decoration, I have used gold leaf, rosebud tea and foil with chocolate print..

Rough chop the whole almonds in a food processor. Add the dates and half of the ground almonds and continue to mince the ingredients. When everything starts to come together, add the rest of the ground almonds little by little until you get a nice and pliable dough, see image above.

The amount for the ingredients is just a guideline, the dates and almonds you might use may have a different moisture content than the ones I used this time.

Marzipan, dates and almonds

Roll the almond and date mixture into balls of the desired size.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and temperate th chocolate before use for best results. The chocolate will harden faster and get back its snap back.

Healthy treats

Dip the balls in chocolate and add some decoration for flare.

healthy treats, marzipan made with almonds and dates


Yummy healthy treats

Flashy breakfast eggs for easter

How did you decorate your eggs this Easter?

A few minutes before breakfast I decided to decorate ours with some flash tattoos I was going to use on myself, but they probably look way better on the eggs than on a semi old gal like myself, ha ha ha.

Super easy to make. Cut out the figures you want to use, peel the foil off and place them on the egg.

Wet the back of the paper with a wet cloth for a few seconds and voila you have some gorgeous eggs for breakfast

Happy Easter


Kinderegg hack

Have you ever wanted to make fancy chocolate eggs for easter like the ones you buy from chocolatiers.

I did, I love making chocolates, candy and different types og sweets. I have casted chocolates before and even given a course on how to do it. The reason I used Kindereggs is that I do not have any egg moulds and as I was grocery shopping and held a pack of Kindereggs in my hand I suddenly had an idea and thought, hm why not. The Idea was to decorate the eggs with chocolate. This activity is someting you can do with your children, it can get a little messy and I manage to do that all by myself, making a mess that is;)

 You need


You can use different colored chocolate melts, I did`t have any so I used ordinary dark and white chocolate


Piping bags and tips


Powdered food coloring

Rainbow dust.

 Melt the chocolates in a double boiler, important to remember that the chocolate should not be more than 104 F(40 C)

There are many ways to decorate the eggs, I just brushed randomly one some and some I piped chocolate on.

Mixing the two chocolates gives a nice effect like the egg in the picture above.

There are so many options to how you can do this and it is your imagination that stops you.

As you can see I dusted som of the eggs to give them a nice shine.

Here are just some of the ones I made. Imagine if I had colored chocolate melts.