Persimmon, cinnamon and ginger drink, Sujeonggwa


When we ate korean bbq during the warmer months in South Korea we always got a small cup of icy cold drink at the end of the meal. Sujeonggwa 수정과 a sweet, lovely refreshing cold drink with the taste of cinnamon, ginger, a hint of persimmon and always topped with three pine nuts, they say it helps your digestive system.

Lotus grill

I served Galbi to a few friends who had never tried anything korean before and since I had just bought some dried persimmons I had to make and serve this drink at the end of the meal.

Sujeonggw, persimon and cinammon drink

The original recipe is a bit too sweet for my liking so I halved the amount of sugar. and instead of boiling each ingredient separately I combined everything together in a sauce pan. In Korea you use the whole dried persimmons, but since I am not there I use what I can find as a substitute.

5 dried persimmons
5 cinnamon sticks
1/4 cup of fresh ginger, sliced
1/3 cup of sugar
12 cups of water
pine nuts
Koreans persimon and cinnamon drink recipe

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan except the pine nuts, add the water and boil, when it starts to boil put a lid on and simmer on medium to low heat heat for about 60 mins. Taste the liquid if it needs more sweetness and adjust it to your liking.

Drain the liquid through a sieve and let the punch cool down. I put the cooled liquid in the freezer for a half an hour or so before I serve the drink.

Pour the drink into little tea cups and garnish with pine nuts.

Sujeonggwa recipe

4 thoughts on “Persimmon, cinnamon and ginger drink, Sujeonggwa

  1. a friend gave me a small case of Sujeonggwa with a warning handwritten on the about not consuming it while eating seafood. I tried to found out why that would be but found no answer. do you know why that would be?


    1. Hi Maria,

      I have not heard anything about not drinking it with seafood. When I got seved this beverage it was always after a meal like a dessert. If I remember correctly I even got it after a lunch were we finished the meal with a kimchi stew with seafood.
      Sorry that I do not have a better answer for you.



      1. Thank you, I was not sure what that was all about, I could not find any answer on the web, I figured it was one of those strange ideas people have sometimes, but i just wanted to be sure.


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