Week end in Nice

Mummy is getting a well needed rest and deserved break in beautiful Nice, maybe not rest but a break from the everyday hustle and bustle. Mummys little monkey came along on the this week-end get away and she can be a hand full sometimes, but wich little four year old isn’t.
Since this was a short trip we mainly stayed close to the beach along Promenade des Anglais and the city center.
We tried to look for decent food at the old flower maket and we did get to fill out tummys though.
This is a very touristy place, if you want nice food in my oppinion you need to go elsewhere, ask some of the locals where to go.
Screenshot_2015-12-19-19-39-48and if you are like us, just walk around haphazardly and hope you come by something decent and sometimes lazy us just eat at the hotel because little monkeys get tired from running around.
Screenshot_2015-12-19-19-40-16But we did find a place this time that we really enjoyed.
Restaurant Luc Salsedo a restaurant run by a husband and wife team.
Bringing MiniMe to restaurants like this can be a disastrous, you never know what little four year old girls like from one day to the other and some restaurants are not very child healthy, only offering burgers, pizza and fries.
Our fears was needless even though trhy did not have a separate childrens menu. The head chef himself Luc Salsedo took care of our little precious and prepared a meal fit for a little picky princess. He even served her himself with pomp and circumstance, we on the other hand had to make do with is sweet wife. So if you are in Nice, I would recomend that you go to this place.
We also got some shopping done this weekend MiniMe got a new dress for her 5th birtday party. A Sonia Rykiel dress and when the day came and the hired face painter asked what MiniMe wanted her to do, MiniMe answered Spiderman :X Her best friend got the blue version.
Last year she and her bestie also matched their facepaint, below you see my sweet little angel drom last years party:D