Trendy handmade bags by Andre Wallenborg

2015-12-14 11.05.53«Put a couple of stamps on my sewing machine and send it to me». Newly graduated designer Andre Wallenborg was a bit bored during his spare time while serving his mandatory military duty up north in the Norwegian arctic wilderness, so he called his mum to fix the problem. He has design bags for Poyalties, celebreties and me:)

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This is how Andre Wallenborgs handbag production and business started, during his military service in the Norwegian army. Previously he had been chairman of a youth chapter of one of Norway’s conservative political party and attended one of Norway’s leading business school, he quit after a year and enrolled at Esmond School of Design. I guess may was surprised by his change of career.

In the military he had access to their surplus supplies like woolen blankets and shoe laces that he turned into handbags and purses. The sewing machine his mum sent north was the tool he needed to be able to use his creativity and in return he sent trendy and unique bags made simple materials. He actually sent his designs to a store located at Aker Brygge in Oslo and they sold like hot cakes.

SAMSUNG CSCYou can easily recognize a Wallenborg design, the typical characteristics are the quilting pattern he sews on the bags, the seams are part of the design. Andres bags are made of high quality materials and often mixes silk, wool and in his designs. To protect the most delicate fabrics he covers them with plastic, this makes his bags durable. The Andre told me that once he lent a purse to a young lady, and the girl returned a little crestfallen with the purse. She told him that she had lost the purse on a dirt road by her family’s cabin and had been run over by a car. Everything in her purse was destroyed, but the clutch was as brand new as when she got it.


Do you want a Wallenborg handbag, you can call the designer himself and make an appointment at his studio in Moss to get a hands on experience designing your handbag or check out his instagram account @andrewallenborg and his Facebook account Wallenborg vesker.


Wallenborgs handbags are used by both celebrities and royalty. Yes, they are exclusive, but still available for everyone since they come in several price ranges. This year, the designer expanded with a small clutch and purse collection. These are less expensive, simpler in design, but still very Wallenborg.

Beside designing and sewing bags, He holds lectures and courses. Do you want a Wallenborg-ish bag? Then sign up for one of his courses where you get an introduction to sewing bags or gather a group of friends that are interested and give him a call and he will come to you.


I have two Andre Wallenborg hand bags, one from when he started out and before I even knew him and the one you see on the top picture. Casually over the fence I told my neighbour that I needed a smaller bag for travelling but big enough for a camera.  A few weeks later tossed me a bag over the fence and asked me what do you think of this bag. Tes the designer is my neighbour and I am fortunate enough that I do not have to buy a bag every time I need a new one I can only go and ask his wife if I can borrow one, yay:)