Little mouthfulls, milk choux pastry

These little treats are easy to make and since it is made with milk they are softer than the regular choux pastry, and super yummy with a little sugar- or chocolateicing.
I love these plain or with a little dusting of icingsugar. I made some at work a little while ago and my collegaues loved them.

This recipe gives you about 12 large tablespoon sized pasties

1 cup milk
125 g butter
125 g flour
 4 eggs
Bring milk and butter to a boil

add flour and stir untill you get a semi firm dough

add the eggs one at the time

Stir til everything is well blended, the dough should be firm with soft peaks
Spoon the dough on to a bakingpaper lined tray.
Bake for about 20-25 minutes on 390 degrees Fahrenheit
Do not open the ovendoor during baking
Cool the pasrties on a wire rack before adding your icing.