Hot chai spiced cocoa

2016-01-14 12.05.50ftsq

Lovely spiced hot cocoa, a nice warming drink to bring along on a little outing in the snow.

There is no hocus pocus to making this drink what you need is for 4 cups:

1 liter of whole milk

2 bags of chai tea

100 -150 g of dark chocolate, adjust this to how strong ofa chocolate taste you want.

whipped cream and cinnamon stick to garnish.

Heat up the milk to an almost boil,turn down the heat and seep the teabags in the milk for a few minutes until it gets the spicyness you want.

Remove the tea bags and add the dark chocolate, stir while the chocolote melts.

Enjoy right away or pour it in to a thermos and bring it with you on a pick-nick.