Party favor or thank you card envelopes with windows

Party favour envelopes DIY

When I was younger I loved making my own stationary, I used colored paper and stamps, but of course they did not turn out as nice as the would have today. Back in the “old days” you did not have all the craft equipment as you do today, well at least not here in Norway.

These envelopesĀ are the same size as business cards and perfect for little thank you notes and mini treats.

The sweets I used are the same as THESE

Envelope DIY

You need:

x-acto knife
double-sided tape
business card or the size you want.

DIY envelope

1. Fold your paper around card to make the envelope

2. Outline your window with som double-sided tape and glue a pice of cellophane on.

3. Cut tor round the corner of the envelope flap( You can skip this part)

4. Add the tape to the flaps that are going to hold the envelope together.

Envelope DIY

5. Fold the envelope together

6. Glue

7. Add adhesive on the envelope flap

8. Put some candy or a thank you note in them.