The Kitchen is done

A little over a year ago we started renovating our old kitchen. We basically demolished the old one and the dining room, we had to put in iron beams so the house would not fall apart. It was really bad, we do not actually know when the structure was built only that it was made into a house in 1947, before that it used to be a barn.

The workers piled som of the rubbish outside the kitchen while waiting for the container to be emptied.

I forgot to take before pictures of the two small rooms, so very typical me. We did not have much pictures taken earlier either, I must have the rooms un documentable 😀

Slowly but surely the room began to take shape. The foundation had to be evened out, there was a hight difference of 7 cm from one end to the other. Then the walls and the ceiling had to be adjusted. We used a combination of drywall and Mdf panels.

 Closed up the old terrace door and put in double french doors were a window used to be.

I thought it was difficult to decide how to shape my kitchen, it is easier to help others. What to do you have to think about form follows function and all that, plus how to stuff the place with all the gadget you want and of course without the place feeling crowded. There was so much I wanted to do with the kitchen, but not enough space, time or money.

We ended up with a basic kitchen from IKEA with a few extras that we wanted to fit our kitchen with.

The kitchen is taking shape and unfortunately no more pictures of the process.

While I wait for my family to return, have decorated the kitchen with a few flower and Easter ready.

Spring cleaned and Easter decorated kitchen 🙂

One of my favorite features is the kitchen fan from Eico, We did not want a fan that took a lot of space in the middle of the room.

Do you like?

 Evening picture.

I am quite happy, Could I have done it differently? Of course.

To this kitchen is practical and easy to organize. Best of all I put it almost all by myself. I got a bit of help putting up two of the upper cabinets. I got help carrying the kitchen counters, they are a bit heavy. For the biggest piece we had to be 4 people to put it in place. The renovation part, electricity and water I let professionals handle.

We can fit 12 people around the table in the kitchen dining area and at the most we have been20 but then it is very crowded. When pulled out to the fullest the dinning table is 6 meters. I think that we probably should start renovate another room to make a formal dinning room 🙂