Wood storage

Cosy advent lights in antisipation of Christmas, last sunday we lit the second candle counting down towards  the festive hollidays.

It is perched on top of on Expedit shelves I bought from IKEA.

Winter has finally arrived and it is getting colder and ligting the fireplace gives a warm and cosy feeling.

I got some fire wood and did not have a nice way to store it, so I just sett it on top of some brown packaging paper.

As you can see from the picture below it does not look very nice.

What I really want is a built in niche to put it in, but that means I have to get rid of the fireplace and construct a new one, to much hassle for wood storage.

Then I got this bright idea that I can use shelves to store the wood.

So I went to IKEA, got single expedit shelfs for wall mounting and stacked them on top of eachother

They do give a look that I like, almost like niches

I think that two may be enough, because with three, the tiles that decorates the fireplace gets hidden

It would be nice to stack three on top of eachother, but as you can see only the top tile is showing.

I am not really sure yet, I might end up with three during winter and put one of them away during the warmer seasons.


IKEA a loved and hated place

For the average joe/jane IKEA is a fabulous place to get trendy looking furniture for reasonable price. I have a love hate relationship whith this place, I hate the ques at the check out counter and love the fact I can get reasonable priced things. When that is said, you get what you pay for.

After a short to IKEA have I have purchased a few thisng to complete the apartement, 3 Isala cabinets for the dining area, a few cheap rugs, curtains, and a lamp shade for mummys old gren lamp

I got some sheer cotton curtains for the dining area and living room. I was contempating lift curtains in  bleached linnen, but these are fine for now.
The two carpets I got is to protect the painted floors from wear and tear.
The carpets are temporary untill I find some that I really love, the black and white one is made of polyester, a material I wouldn’t choose normaly but for less than  NOK 500 that one is still ok.
I have ambevalent feelings when it comes to shopping at IKEA, I cant’t seem to not go there if I need anything cheap and temporary, but hate the fuss, hustle and bustle of the place.
The appatrement is starting to look like home.