Beech nut pod hydrangea

Cute little decorations made out of beech nut pods, I went on a little errand to my mother in law and raided her of stash of beech nut pods and pine cones. The keyword for this Christmas is natural.

When I got home I got out some small clay pots, styrofoam balls, sisal twine and a glue gun and started to make a few decorations.,

I glued the beech nut pods on the styrofoam balls with the glue gun and tied some sisal twine around a small pot.

Then put the two parts together and decorated with a little christmas decoration.

Hanna made a sisal star while I was making my little hydrangea look a like and they are now nicely placed together.

You need:

Beech nut pods

Styrofoam ball

Small pot

Sisal twine

Glue gun