Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com. 08

Homemade cupcake liners. decorative life hack

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com

Life hack videos have become very popular. If you do not have something, hvat can you use instead. I had bought some cup cake tulip liners a few years ago and thought they were quite expencive, a package with 12 tulip liners cost US $ 10.- ( This is in Norway)

I took a closer look at one of the liners and discovered it was just a square piece of paper that was the same size as some of my oregami paper and I have a lot of oregami paper from my time in South Korea. HERE is my first blog post making cup cake tulip liners.

If tou want the rough and rustic looking kind  go HERE to se how they are made

In the video below MiniMe is making a cup cake liner.

The tulip baking cup liner I had bought had four pleats, but you can make as many as you can manage and what you have patients for.

Cupcake lliner DIY, Paper, analizagonzales.com, Oregami

For the ones we made you need:

Origami paper or any printed paper you want
Baking paper
2 glasses that fits your cup cake tin.
Some double sided tape

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com, 02

In the video above MiniMe shoved how to make the one on the left, but if you do not cut the corners of the paper the result will be like the ones in the top picture and the one to the right in the picture above.

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com, 03

  1. Put a bit of adhesive on the bottom of the glas and along the side of the base.
  2. Fold the paper squares diagonaly as in the picture.

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com, 04

3. Place the senter of the glas on the center of the square.

4. Press the paper dovn the side of the glas.

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com, 05

5. Fold and pleat the paper-

6. Place a second glas on top and twist to make the folded edges sharper.

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com, 06

7. Do the same with the baking paper

8. Place the baking paper inside the decorative paper.

Homemade cup cake liners, cup cake liner DIY, DIY, analizagonzales.com, 07

If you want you can tie a ribbon around the paper liners to decorate, but do this after you have baked the cup cakes.


Homemade paper bag DIY for your treats.

Paper bag DIY

Do you like to personalize your treats?

I do, I have been doing it ever since I was a kid, I can remember making sweet and wanted to put them in something nice before I gave them away. If I recolect right he first sweets I ever made was peppermint buttons were half was dipped in chocolate and I was so proud.

Paperbag  with window DIY


This DIY is for simple paper bags with a celophane window.  Today it is easy to just buy paper bags, but sometimes you do not have one at hand and this post is to show you how easy it is to make.

You need:
Cards stock
Pinking scissors
Double sided tape
X-acto knife
Cutting board

and something to fill the baggies with.

MiniMe and I have used graph paper for this illustration.

We used a business card sized piece of cardstock for the size of the baggie base. Then we marked where to fold the paper and where to put the window.

Next stage is to tape with the double-sided tape around the window and where to glue the baggie together.


Cut out the window, glue the cellophane on. Fold the paper and glue the edges together.


Glue the card stock to the bottom of the bag as seen in the illustration and in the video above.

When you have finished gluing the bag together cut the top with a pair of pinking scissors to give the bag a decorative edge. Fold the bag to close it and use string or ribbon to decorate it.

Kitchen chic

What do you think about the tradittional aprons?

I wanted an apron that I could put over my dress and still look chic, so I designed this dress, sorry I ment apron.

As I was trying it on over my clothes my son came hoe from school

Me: What do you think

Son: I think the dress will look nicer if you loose the pants.

Me: Believe you me, it is better if I keep them on

and then I turened arround.

As you can see it is an apron. I was planning to post this before Christmas, but you know time flies when you are having fun

If I made the front part a wrap around skirt I could wear it as a dress.

Ha ha ha, maybe if I was 20 🙂

Easy steps to re use outgrown dresses

Does your child have a favorite dress, a dress that she still wants to use but it is too short.

MiniMe has outgrown her favorite dress, one she got to wear for her 5th birthday party, a Sonia Rykiel dress that we bought in Nice.

Its been a while since she outgrew the dress, but it is still hanging in her closet. She takes it out once in a while, looks at it and sighs, she really has been wanting to use it again.

She found the black tulle I once bought for a different project and wondered if she could staple on some on the hem of the dress. Mini’s dream for the time being is to become a fashion designer and she sews and staple clothes for her teddy bears and dolls. I suggested to sew it on instead and while preparing I found myself making a simple patter for a skirt and made a petticoat she can use for dress-up, skirt extender etc.  Tulle skirts for children is very popular these days. As you can see below it is very simple pattern.


I made 4 layers, one silk and 3 tulle, sewed the skirts together at the waist and inserted a garter and decorated with a ribbon.

Just as countless of little girls, MiniMe loves to wear her mummys shoes.

She thought my shoes looked better with the skirt than her shoes does.

We are having a fun photo session this fall break.