Custy white bread

This white bread recipe is versatile and can be used for any crusty bread, and specially baguette. I love baguette, my youngest daughter and I went to Paris last year just to eat baguette. We were watching Paul Hollywood’s city bakes were he broke a baguette in two, when we heard the crunch we looked at each other and we both had the I want that look. We hopped on a plane and off we went.

I am not an expert baker, but I have found  my way to make them to my liking. This recipe is not unique in any way, there is one way to make basic white bread, flour, water, yeast and salt, I also add a bit of butter. Why? It just works for me. As I mentioned earlier this recipe is suitable for baguette, rolls and loaves.

I also have to mention that making these breads, the dough dictates my timetable, there is no one hour this or on hour that. The yeast works the way it wants, proofing time is a bit shorter during the summers than the winters.  I usually make the dough late in the evening before I go to bed, and let it proof over night. This summer this is impossible, we have had tropical weather.

This recipe makes 4 foot long baguette,  1 loaf or 12-16 rolls

1, 5 liters  flour
0,5 liters cold water
2 teaspoon salt
1 pk instant dry yeast
50 g butter, room temperature

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix and knead until the dough     or use a bread machine or a stand mixer.

If you make this late in the evening(11 PM) let this proof over night in a cool place, but not in the fridge. Remember to cover the bowl with plastic wrap or something similar.

The next day, early in the morning, punch the dough down roll it in to a ball and cover it again and let it proof until double the size.

Next step is to punch it down again and knead lightly, this time you divide the dough into the amounts you want depending on what you wt and make the shape you want.

Place the loaf, baguette or rolls on a baking paper lined tray and let the proof a last time. I usually go back to bed and sleepfor 2-3 hours.

Pre heat the oven to 180-200 C, depending on your oven. In the hot oven place a tray with boiling water, this will give the baguette that lovely crust. Bake for about 20 minutes for baguette or rolls, and about 40 minutes for loaves.


Open facecd mini crab and mango sandwiches


Sometimes I want something simple and easy, specially when I am home by myself.

These mini open faced sandwiches are easy to make and taste wonderful. saltness from the seafood, sweetness from juicy mango and a little sting from the chilies.

2015-10-02 18.51.20

You need:


3 parts sour cream

1 part sweet chilisauce


diced mango

diced red onion



Butter for frying

Cut the bread in to the shape and size you want, fry them in a pan with a little butter.

Mix the sour cream and the sweet chili sauce together, see the ratio above.

Spread some of the dressing on the toasts and build your little sandwich. Put some crabmeat on top, then mango bits, diced red onion, fresh coriander and chili slivers.