Tesla the family car



Did you know that Tesla model S can be a 7 seater? I have a big family so I test drove a Tesla S P90D. As a mum I drive my kids everywhere even the ones who have a driver’s license sometimes, among a parents job it is to be a taxi driver.

I am not very interested in cars but this time I got very exited when I test drove this Tesla. This electric car that hardly makes a sound practically drives and parallel parks by itself

The autopilot in the car allows it to steer within a lane, change lanes with a tap of the turn signal and it can manage speed by using active traffic-aware cruise control. The digital control of motors, brakes and steering helps avoid collisions from the front and sides, as well as preventing the car from wandering off the road. Model S can also scan for a parking space, alert you when one is available, and parallel park on command.

I have no trouble driving or parallel park, but I love technology and I fell in love with this car.

Autopilot features are progressively enabled with software updates and from what I understand you can download the new updates yourself. The current software is 7.0 adding automatic steering and parallel parking. Read more in their Tesla blog.


I picked up the car on a friday afternoon and got a few instructions on the cars features. To really test the family friendliness of the car I said yes to drive the kids around all week-end.

Friday evening I drove over 200 km and without worrying about having to charge the car. I picked up my oldest sons friends, drove them to a party, picked up a my youngest son and his friends at a birthday party and drove them home. After a little rest I drove to pick up the party goers and since I was driving the Ludicrous upgrade with a 90 kWh battery I had to test it acceleration on a deserted stretch of the highway, it is stated that the car goes from 0-100 kilometers in only 2,8 seconds. I do not know how long it took me to get to 100 km since I was already driving, only that it was fast. This car kicks several hundred horse power that is hidden somewhere an it is certainly not under the hood that space is reserved luggage and other carry ons.

After my little fun I then picked up the teens, dropped them off safely before I could head home, recharge the car and finally go to bed and get some Z’s before the next days excursion.


Saturday morning I packed the car with kids and luggage and drove to the cabin, to test the car on narrow winding roads. It was a smooth drive to the cabin, quiet and the only thing you could hear was the tires rolling along the asphalt and the kids chatter in the back seat and trunk. The car felt stable on the road and it really felt nice to drive this car.

MiniMe loved sitting in the trunk of the car where the two extra seats was located. These seats that are turned towards the back are not ment for other than children under 140 cm, so this car is only ment for a large family with smaller children.  SAMSUNG CSC

I do not know if it was the novelty of it but MiniMe loved to sit in the back and where ever we went that was where she sat facing the back. In the trunk of the car there was a button so she could open and close the trunk when needed, luckily it had a child safety feature and could only be opened when the car was parked.


How to charge the car, Teslas can be charged at home plugged in the wall or at public charging station as any electric car. Teslas service though extend as far as that they have built super chargers around and they are no more than 200 to 250 kilometers a part. At these superchargers all Tesla owners can recharge their cars for free. HERE is a map over and planned superchargers in Europe.


One of the other things that I like about this car is the large touch screen panel where you can control all the different features of the car, navigation, radio, which mode you want the car to be in, standard, sport or ludicrous and so on. The car is also equipped with a sim card so it is alway online if you want to.

Another thing that is unique with Tesla is that you can not go to a Tesla car dealership and buy one, you can test drive one, then order a car to your specifications on-line and then you can pick one up.


Here is a little fun facts, whether it is a Tesla or another electric car Norway is leading way internationally when it comes to driving electric cars. If you want to read more about it you can got to The Norwegian Electric Car Association HERE

So after driving this car that week-end I am putting this car on my wish list or maybe a


Tesla Model X their SUV. So dear Santa I’ll be very good this year:)


Travelogue 4, Driving back to Dubai


Back home of the cooler temperatures of Norway, the trip to the Emirates seems like but a distant memory. OMG it is really cold today, today April 12, 2013 it is snowing and the wind is howling outside

When we left Fujairah to go back to Dubai for shopping and sightseeing the temperature in the car showed 38 degrees Celsius and yes we had the AC on.

The landscape on the stretch between Fujairah and Dubai was quite barren, but there were a few patches of green especially along the wadis, the dried up riverbeds.

The landscape around Fujairah the eastern part of the Emitates was mountainous compared to Dubai situated on the west. The landscape got more sandy as we got closer to the eastern shore.

It was interesting to see how the color of the landscape changed from grey to reddish, then grey again and finally golden.

The golden sand of the desert telling us that we are getting close to our destination.

One of the nice thing about the climate here is that it is dry even though it get quite hot, you do not have the humidity that makes you feel that you sweat liters of fluid and makes your clothes stick to you.

Along the way we saw pipes that probably something for the oil industry.

In Norway we have signs that tell us that there might be elk crossing, here camels strolling roadside.

There wasn’t much to see on the road except for a few animals, rocks, sand and a lot of housing developments. The houses being built was huge mansions and reflecting the wealth of the area.

Fujairah is more a smaller resort town compared to Dubai with a few high risers and still many buildings under construction. As you got closer to Dubai you could see a different type of city, a metropolis. The city was huge and wast and the city was bustling with life. My aim for this trip was The Dubai Mall, a mall I have only read about, a mall with amusement park, ice rink, movie theaters, a huge indoor aquarium and much more specially shopping.

We just strolled around, visited the aquarium and did some shopping. It would take days in order to see all of the mall. I must admit it was a little overwhelming and I did not know where to start. If I had a few more days and a inexhaustible bank account I would have gone amok, but this time I just bought a few things for the kiddies.

Travelogue 3, driving around Fujairah

We took a little road trip around the area today a little break from our poolside lounging.

We hopped in the car and drove north an the first stop was the port of Khor Fakkan, where we found a small fish market. A foodie like me had to go inside and .

Even though the market was fairly small, there was quite a selection of seafood there, fish that you normally won’t see at the fish counter at the norwegian stores.

There were small sharks on display and something they call Hamour fish, which we often found on menus here. Hamour is a type of grouper and a very popular fish in Hong Kong I recall from my time there but there they called it Garupa. In the midst of the market hall, there was a sunken atrium, where shoppers could get their fish or other purchases gutted and cleaned. In the picture above some one is getting their prawns shelled and cleaned.

There was fruit and vegetable market, but not much exiting there. I got a Coca Cola light, the can designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Did the beverage taste any better, nah and did not improve my style much either 😀

We hit the road again and drove past an odd structure, “Stop stop what is that?” and hubby had to turn around and drive back. It turned out to be an old mosque, Al Bidiyah from 1446. The mosque is unlike the typical mosques of the region, built with four vaults and a central pillar that is holding the structure up. Since we were there we had to go and look inside, but I was not properly dressed and could not enter without an abaya to see the holy place.

MiniMe had observed a man in a local attire (white robe and head dress) up by the watch towers and started running, she wanted to go and see Jesus man, not to be confused with Jesus because that is another person she has learned about in kindergarten. It is not always easy to explaine yourself when you are five.

Here is the view from the watch tower and the white robed guy was long gone by the time we got there. Phu, a god thing too, how would I explain a little girls enthusiasm to see a jesus man. Not to offend anyone but they have talked a little bit about religion in kindergarten the past few months about Christmas and Easter and Jesus is always portrayed in a white long garment

Out of the black get up and on the road again we drove past lots of road work and the roads are really nice compared to Norway and specially with all the oil being pumped in and filling up in our governments coffers.

Drove past this road sign “For family only”, strange, but someone suggested that it was ment to indicate that there was a beach area where family’s could enjoy themselves.

We drove past Wadis, dried up river beds where water has caused significant erosion due porous ground. We were tipped that it was really nice to go hiking in the wadis, but you had to watch out for flash floods, but I do not think there is any reason to worry in the dry season.

The little ones got really tired from driving around and dosed off in the back seat, but mummy had to stop one more place and it was the fruit and vegetable market in Masafi up in the mountain pass between Dibba and FujairahThe last thing I heard when I jumped out of the car was ” Don’t buy to much, remember we are leaving soon”