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Chocolate shake

MiniMe makes frothy, thick, creamy smooth chocolate shake.

I do not remember where I drunk my first chocolate shake, but I do remember it was when I was a little kid. To me a really nice shake must be thick, creamy and a little frothy like a smoothie. I have been to so many places and gotten shakes and smoothies that are runny like milk and juice and I must confess that I get disappointed, specially here in Norway where a regular shake costs from US$ 10,- and up. If I want a chocolate milk, I won’t order a chocolate shake, If I want a fruit juice, I won’t order a fruit smoothie. To me the main difference between a chocolate milk and a chocolate shake is the consistency.

I believe that being a food and drink blogger is that what you make is to inspire others, a guide line to how to and not necessarily to show the correct way to make the recipes, except when it comes to baking that is a little more chemistry mixed with cooking. We all have different reference points, what I think is too sweet, might be bland for others. What i think might have just enough heat might be to hot for someone else. It depends on what we are used too, what our reference points. Having said that I should also mention that our reference point is always changing. every bit of memory lingers with us, a memory that is helping us determine whether or not the next thing we taste is good or bad. I can remember my parents longing for a dish from the Philippines, but when they finally get it they are sort of disappointed, because it is not as good as they remember it. Their palate had changed and gotten used to ingredients in their new country, our point of reference is ever-changing. When it comes to a chocolate shake recipe I have one criteria and that is the consistency, thick and creamy, the rest is plain and easy.

You need:

3 parts chocolate ice cream
1 part Milk
Melted white chocolate, optional
Melted dark chocolate, optional
Whipped cream, optional
Sprinkles, optional

Decorate the inside of the glasses you want to use with melted white and dark chocolate.

Whip the cream, and when it is finished set it a side.

Add ice cream and milk in a blender and blend untill every thing is smooth and frothy.

Pour into the decorated glasses, add some whipped cream and garnish with some sprinkles.

Finally add the straws and enjoy.


Watermelon and strawberry drink

Cooling and refreshing drink made with watermelon and strawberries.

I was six years old when my father took me on vacation to the Philippines for the first time and I was in watermelon heaven. Watermelon was not a common fruit in Norway in the seventies, even in season they were not in abundance. I can remember enjoying red watermelons and yellow watermelons, sitting outside in the sun with half a watermelon and a spoon or with a big tall glass with a watermelon drink.

There is a technique to find a nice ripe watermelon, my dad knew how, but I miss most of the time. When I unfortunately get a pinkish and not so tasty watermelon I usually make it drinkable or use it in salads. The watermelon as a refreshment has been so sacred that it is mostly eaten or drunk pure. But this watermelon was so pink that I thought it would look a little bland, so I added a little strawberries to make it a little brighter. I was a little skeptical trying this because I have not been very fond of watermelon blended with anything else, the flavour of the watermelon tends to be overpowered. To my surprise this was really good.

I used:

3 parts watermelon
1 part strawberries
1 part water
Sugar or some other sweetener
Mint for garnish.

Whizz everything in a blender, sweeten to taste and cool it in the fridge or serve it right away with some ice cubes.

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Taho drink

Kumusta at magandang araw ( Hello and have a nice day)
You have probably heard of Bubble tea, but have you heard about Taho? A filling drink brought to the Philippines by the Chinese. You also have Indonesian(Tauhue) and Malaysian(Taufufah) versions of this drink. This drink is also made with sago and gulaman in the Philippines, gulaman is an agar jelly. The differens between Taho and Sago at gulaman is that the first one is served warm and the latter served cold.
Can you imagine my surprize when bubble tea started popping up around the world  as a new invention.
Most of the Asian world have been refreshing themselves on drinks with sago pearls for most of their lives.
This drink is a must try. It is sweet, warm and fragrant, filled with silken tofu with the same consistency of custard, and chewy sago pearls. This drink is also a childhood vacation memory of mine.  I can still imagine the peddlers walking down the streets carrying two buckets that hang from each end of a yoke and calling “Tahooooo!” to attract customers. The larger bucket carries the tofu base and the smaller bucket holds the syrup and sago pearls.
Silken tofu, Sago drink, Sago, Thao, Thaho drink, Filipino drink,,
To many Filipinos this is a quick breakfast sold by peddlers called Magtaho in the morning. The drink is packed with carbohydrates and proteins, and it fills you up. Unfortunately since I have become diabetic, this drink is an absolute no no for me.   The base for this drink is called arnibal it is a syrup made from sugar and water with added flavoring, so you can understand why I should not drink this.
Actually I can probably enjoy this again, but I have not found or experimented enough to come up with a good recipe with sugar substitutes for this warm version.. Spring has decided not to show up in Norway, so I wanted to treat myself to a piece of memory while just sitting on the couch covered with a soft blanket with a warming glass of taho in my hands watching my family enjoy the drink too.  I was probably deceiving my self thinking that if I just ate the tofu and sago laced with a bit of arnibal that I wont be eating too much sugar, but ones or twice for the past five years won’t hurt me too much.
Silken tofu, Sago drink, Sago, Thao, Thaho drink, Filipino drink,,
Tao recipe, makes 4-6  servings

For sago pearls:

1/4 cup dark brown sugar
8 cups water
1 cup sago pearls

For arnibal,  syrup:

Sugarcane tablets equal to 1/2 cup (some use 1 cup, but that is just too sweet for me.)
1/2-1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1-2 cups water, depending how sweet you want it.

1 one-pound package organic silken tofu


Put sugar and water in a large saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Add tapioca pearls and stir until water returns to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer, and continue cooking the tapioca pearls with the lid on, stirring occasionally, until they are almost translucent. Sago is cooked when it is tender but still chewy. Drain, rinse under cold water top stop the cooking process.

Cooking time depends on the sizes of the tapioca you use, follow the instruction on the pack. Cooking Tapioca pearls on a hard boil for a long time breaks them apart and makes them too soft and too mushy. They can be prepared ahead of time. Transfer drained cooked pearls to a container, add enough water to cover pearls, cover with a lid and refrigerate for up to a few days. Stir well and then drain before using.

To make arnibal, caramelize sugar in a pan and when it is nice and golden add water and vanilla and bring to a boil. Take pan off the heat and set aside. Remember you do not want the sugar to burn,

Silken tofu, Sago drink, Sago, Thao, Thaho drink, Filipino drink,,

Steam silken tofu in a steamer until heated through, about 15 minutes.

Fill your glasses with thin slices of silken tofu and tapioca pearls, 3/4 full and top the glasses with the sugar syrup. Mix together and serve warm.

Refreshing melon and cucumber infused water

Refreshing melon infused water, is one of my vacation memories from my very first time to the Philippines. Well actually the drink from the Philippines was sweet with alot of added sugar. This thirst quencher is just ripe melon, cucumber and water and left to rest in the fridge for a few hours to bring out the flavours.

If you are used to the Filipino kind, this drink will be quite tame in comparison. As my cousin said this is a thirst quencher, if there is too much sugar in the drink you will just get thirstier.

Melon infused water, thirst quencher, melon, water,drink


1 ripe melon, I used 1/2 a Piel de sapo and 1/2 a cantaloupe

A few slices of cucumber for color

1,5 liter Water

(If you want it sweet add some sugar and artificial sweetener)

Shred, dice or scoop out the fruit. I usually do this over a large bowl or directly into a pitcher so no juice will go to waste, that’s where the flavour is. Thinly slice some cucumber for color.

Combine the fruit and water in a large pitcher and leave it in the fridge for a few hours or a day.

You can do this with any fruit and fruit combination. Experiment and enjoy your fruit infused water.

Melon water, thirst quencher,, melon water, melon, water

Refreshing lemonade with raspberries

Refreshing and thirst quenching. if you do not mind the bit of sugar in this drink it is a nice source of vitamin C. If you want you can substitute the sugar with stevia or make a mix of both.

Yields: 1,5 liters   Time: 15 minutes + chilling time

5  lemons
2,5 dl frozen raspberries
150 g sugar
5 dl boiling water
5 dl cold  water
For garnish
slices of lemon for garnish

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and raspberries in a large pitcher, add sugar and the boiling water. Stir until all the sugar is dissolved and add the cold water. Water, sugar and lemon can be adjusted to taste.

Put the lemonade in the refrigerator to chill

Serve with ice cubes, lemon slices, raspberries and mint leaves

Caipi Sandeman

Think a little differently a friend told me when she gave me this recipe.
why not try to make a caipirña ish drink with light port. It was surprisingly nice. While making this I saw that my neighbour had a bbq in his garden and asked them if they wanted to help me finish up the drinks I made.
7,5 cl Sandeman White Port
1/2 Lime
1 tss sugar

Cut the lime i four and muddle the lightly in the glass, add sugar and fill the glass with ice and add the white port.

God fredag å dere:)

Healthy green smoothie

Have you ever had trouble getting your young ones to eat enough vegetables?

I have and my solution is to hide the veggies in their smoothies. I have tried many different combinations with different results, but this smoothie is the one that has been the most successful. The kiwi and the banana camuflages broccoli and spinac quite well. So even if my youngest one only want to eat carbs and proteins it does not really matter as long as she drinks this smoothie with her meal.

Smoothie enough for two glasses

1 banana

2 kiwi

Broccoli equal the amount of 1 banana

Spinach equalthe amount of 1 kiwi

1 cup almond milk

As you can see there is a lot of vegetables in this smootie.

Put everything in a blender and blend to a smooth mixture, then pour it in to glasses and decorate with some colorful straws.


Remy Martin Side car

The girls were bold, liberated and had short cut hair.

They painted their lips with raspberry red lipstick and pouted their mouths.

They wore scandalously short dresses adorned with feathers and pearls.

This is the image I have of the Flapper girls in the 1920’s.

Side Car is said to be a drink from that era, invented in either London or Paris at the end of the 1st World War.

The young had started to go out more to meet each other, they went to variéte, to cinemas and to cafes.

Tey lived a more licentious life than what they had used to before.


4 cl Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish

2 cl Cointreau

1 cl Fresh lemon juice

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake vigorously and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

For those who do not like sweet drinks, this could be a hit.

With six parts alcohol and 1 part lemon juice this was strong a little on the strong side and one is enough for me:)

Raspberry Mojito

This week I was invited to a wine tasting evening with Pernod Ricard, where we were greeted with this drink, a delishous red raspberry mojito. I asked for the recipe and I try to make it with the ingredients I had available I did not have the same type of Havana Club home and I was out of mint, but I had peppermint in the garden.
Recipe for Havana Club Rasberry Mojito
4 cl Havana Club 3 Años Añjeo (possibly. Havana Club Añejo Blanco)
2 cl freshly squeezed lime (about ½ lime)
8-12 mint leaves
4.5 raspberries
4 cl soda water
1 cl sugarsyrup (alternatively 1 tsp sugar)
Crushed iceSqueeze lime in a glass, add sugar syrup, 4-5 raspberries and muddle . If you use sugar stirr well til everything is disolved.
Then add 4 cl Havana Club 3 Años Añjeo and torn mint leaves.
Fill the glass with crushed ice and then soda water.
Garnish with some mint and raspberries.
PS: Peppermint did not work, use mint.


Mango lassi

A Lassi is rhe Indian version of a smoothie or a shake.
A must have when ever we have indian for dinner.

4 dl yoghurt
2dl milk
2 dl sweet ripe mango, but you can use other fruits and berries that you feel like using.

2 tablespoon sugar
Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend for 2 minutes, then pour into individual glasses, and serve. The lassi can be kept refrigerated for up to 24 hours