Relæ, Copenhagens organic Michelin starred restaurant


Do you want to experience a fully organic Michelin starred restaurant?

Relæ fish agj
Trout, chickenskin and mushrooms

Then you should go to Nørrebro, a neighbourhood in Copenhagen with a multi-cultural feel and a great nightlife, here you will find Relæ, a Michelin starred restaurant that prides itself on delivering a no nonsense gastronomic experience.


Relæ opened in summer 2010 at Jægersborggade 41 by Breakaway Noma-chef Christian Puglisi. In March 2012, Relae was awarded its first Michelin star, making it one of the most affordable gourmet restaurants in Copenhagen. In 2015 the restaurant is ranked number 45 on the list of the World’s Best Restaurants.

Relæ 6 agj
Hokaido pumpkin, seabuckthorn and hazelnut.

Since the beginning Relæ had already focused on healthy, locally-sourced produce, but in early may 2013 the Michelin-starred restaurant took it one step furter and offered exclusively organic ingredients. The restaurant is gold certified by Organic Denmark, That means that they can documents that 90-100 percent of everything served by the Relæ kitchen, including drinks, is organic.

Relæ 4 agj

“Good ingredients should be harvested organically with consideration for ethics, quality and nature,”  says Christian Puglisi, owner and head chef at Relæ.

Relæ 8 agj
Havervadgård lamb, swiss chard and seaweed

The place is small and informal, with simple decor, bare brick walls and no tablecloths. Relæ is often compared to Noma, but it stands out in its own right for its innovative set menus and simple dining philosophy.

Relæ 5 agj

Relæ is also vegetarian friendly restaurant and offers two set menus, one omnivor and one herbivore . Four courses from the set seasonal menu will cost you DKK 450 while a selection from the extensive wine menu that matches the DKK 396.

relæ 7 agj



Nimb, a place for worshipping refined taste

I can still taste the braised veal brisket, so tender that it almost melted on the tongue. A surprising dish, when I put the knife and fork to it, my first thought was eraser.
That thought did not last long though, as soon as I bit in to it I changed my mind, it was tender, flavorful, wonderful, heavenly and other superlatives I’m can’t remember right now.

Tivoli’s Arab fantasy castle is named Nimb after William and Louise Nimb.A husband and wife team leading the gastronomic scene in the late 1800’s Copenhagen in Denmark. They ran the restaurant Divan 2 by Tivoli’s lake and were the first to put the Danish open faced sandwiches on the menu. Danish Rye bread sandwiches went from small low to high well piled.

The Nimb family traditions and spirit lives on in the Moorish palace with delightful gourmet experiences and everyday luxury.

When I was there, I enjoyed this season’s menu

Smoked creamy Brill
Apple, dill oil and pickled celery

Braised veal brisket
kale, artichokes and sauce blanquette

Chocolate mousse
Cocoa Sorbet, white chocolate cream and sjokoladecrumble

The starter reminded me of an upscale open- aced sandwich but with out the bread.
It had the elements of a typical Danish sandwich garnished with a modern twist.
A salad of smoked fish and apple, dill oil and pickled celery, the ingredient them selves screams Danish open faced sandwich.The main course was the most tender veal brisket, kale, artichokes and sauce blanquette. These are wonderful good old-fashioned ingredients that has come alive today.For desert we had a bomb of a chocolate dis. If you love chocolate, this is the dessert for you.
Chocolate sorbet, white chocolate cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble and crystallized white chocolate. I personally would have wanted some more acidity to this dish.
The restaurant interior you sence the carnival magic and yet still it has a warm Nordic feel.
They have payed attention to detail, the guests experience a pleasant quiet environment with relaxing comfort.
The restaurant has undergone many renovations, the latter gave it a modern Nordic breath with warm colors and natural materials, but its “Moorish” origin is still preserved.
This place scores high with me, good food and good atmosphere. I was there on a Tuesday so the place was not very crowded and the staff had plenty of time for us. The price of the dinner was not something to be deterred by DKK 360, – without drinks