When accidents happens what do you do? I made decorative eye patches

Eye patch DIY

Last fall I had a little accident and unfortunately hurt my eye and had to wear an eye patch since my eye was very light sensitive.

I bought some Opticlude adhesive eye patch bandaids, but thought they were a bit boring,

Eye patch 3 agj
From the first day of the accident

The little old vain gal, thought that if I had to walk around with something stuck on my face, why not make it show. A little color brightens ones life and I was feeling really miserable and needed cheering up.

Among my hobby stash I found adhesive textile that I had bought a little while ago and thought why not use these.


I glued the the adhesive textiles on to the front of the eye patches and cut around the eye patch. The result you can see in the pictures posted.

What do you think?