Frost smokey morning.

Early morning walk and quick trip to the store, when I walked out the sliding doors I happened upon this view. Frost smoke covered water in the morning sun. I just had to share it on instagram, snapchat and here on the blog.

wintermorning agj

The few seconds I took to whip my phone out and take pictures, I almost froze my fingers off, it surely felt like it. I am max 200 meters from home and had to stop 3 times, drop everything I carried and try to get my fingers warm. It was Fu….g cold, it was so cold that my car wouldn’t start and yes I had forgotten to bring gloves, but it was just a few meters.

I must have looked silly for the ones who passed me this morning, sticking my hands under my jacket and under my sweater. I do not know what was worst, icy cold fingers or trying to reheat them against my skin, but it did the trick.

What do you think, was it worth making an as out of myself for this picture?

Well, when you are on social media, you got to do what you got to do 🙂

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • A fog of minute ice-needles, resembling smoke, observed over bodies of water in a time of severe cold. At times the fog is observed lying close on the water in eddying wreaths.

Next time I guess I’ll keep my hands in my pocket.