Wine cooperative on Ile de Re

When the weather didn’t allow play on the beach or strolling  arround the cosy villages of Ile de Re, we went to the local wine cellar, a cooperative of all the wine producers on the island for a little tour.
The island originally consisted of three different islands and is suitable for viticulture since the Island consist of 7 different soils types. The vineyards are mainly situated on the southern part of the island and produce from 35 to 40 hectoliters of wine per hectare, or about 2 million bottles per year.
It was in the 1100 that the monks began to cultivate grapes on the island and today there are 70 different wine growers that work together on the islands wine production.
In the recent years, wine quality has improved considerably, the cooperative produces wine, sparkling wine, cognac and pineau, Camus also produces cocnac with grapes from this island and have their own bottles with Ile Ré cognac.
The bottles are sold under the signature “Vignerons de Ré Island.”
One of the flagship products is the Rosé des Dunes Sailing range and Pineau Ilrhéa about 450 000 bottles of each produced.
The tour was a typical tour of a wine cellar, we started the tour at the distillery and here we got an introduction about cultivation and production of wine on this island.
Then a we were shown arround their cellar and given a short presentation of the various stages of the wine barrels storage.
After the tour we got to sample som of their products:)