MiniMe s first trip to Teatro alla Scala

We have been on a girls trip to Milan, this trip was grandmas Christmas present to MiniMe, Hanna and me.

On this trip MiniMe went to the opera for the first time, an exited little girl visiting the opera worlds holiest of holy with her first cousin, Teatro alla Scala or La Scala for short.

MiniMeg love going to the theater and going to the movies. Since she was little she could sit enthralled throughout the performance, while most of the kids around her sit restlessly in their seats. II am so astonished by this, because if someone is high or low, it’s her.

When I told her that we were going to the opera and watch Cinderella, she was thrilled.

I do not know if she completly understood the concept of opera, but she knows it involves singing and her that dad’s cousin is an opera singer and works at La Scala. MiniMe also knows that the opera house is one of the grandest in the world, so she is proud that the family’s opera singer works there. Are you fond of opera, this is definitely a place you should experience.

Cinderella is originally a three-hour show, but this was a child-friendly opera and has been shortened to 90 minutes.

This childrens version was a little different from the fairytale we were used to.

Instead of the stepmother, they had a stepfather and prince had switched identity with one of his servants. Cinderella and servant prince falls in love while the step sisters are chasing the pretend prince. The step sisters are disappointed when they discover what has happened, but Cinderella gets her prince’s like she always does and they lived happily ever after.

When the opera started we had a little problem, it was in italian and we do not speak italian except for a few phrases. I did not think about the language issue and I could see that she was getting bored. I do not know how long it lasted but a narator explained the opera in the beginning, it felt like for ever and I was worried that this would be a dreadful 90 minutes. Then then singing and mimicry started and she was mesmerised by the costumes, and the scenery. Even though she didn’t understand the language, she enjoyed the opera.

But before the show we had to pop by a gelateria  and if not for the children’s sake, it was for mine, I LOVE Italian gelato.

Just had to post this picture too, MiniMe on the metro, she saw herself on the security screen.

It was a pink Valentines day for MiniMe this year and later we celebrate the operasinger