Brown butter with a drizzle of ground dried chanterelles



























Have you ever tried to make brown butter? Inspired by my recent trip to Estonia and Oko Restoran Kaberneeme  I had to try to make it. Why I have not made this scrumptious condiment before I do not know because it is so easy to make. This velvety smooth butter has a non sweet caramel flavour.

Serve this butter with different types of bread and top it with different herbs, spices and other flavorings you want to sprinkle it with.

This is how I made mine.

Melt half of the butter you plan to use in a pan and let it brown a bit. Pour the clarified butter in a container and leave the burnt residue behind in the pan. Let the butter cool and harden in room temperature.

When the clarified butter is cool, put the unmelted butter in a mixer and beat it to a fluffy mixture and add the browned butter until it i all incorporated. Put the butter in a bowl or on a plate and enjoy it with fresh baked bread, crackers or bread chips.

For a little flavour I shredded up some chanterelle, dried them in my oven,  ground the dried pieces in a mortar and sprinkled the powder on top of a lump of butter and enjoyed them with some Estonian rye bread chips.