Tapas and a Clara

“When we arrive at Isla Graciosa we’ll have to get some tapas and a Clara”
A Clara? I asked curiously.
It is a drink that is typical of Spain and consists of beer and lemon soda, Spain’s equivalent to a Shandy Inga told me.
Inga who is one of the bloggers behind the travel blog Borte Best was an inspiring travel companion on my trip to Lanzarote, she had a lot of knowledge about Spain and not least, she knew the language so a nice interpreter when I met some language issues.
As a foodie I’m not hard to ask when it comes to eating.
We sat down at one of the bars in the small village on the little Island and among our orders was deep-fried Gueldes which is an anchovy-like fish typical of Lanzarote. Served with a little lemon it crunched like sun, sea and childhood memories. My mum used to fry up tiny fish as a snack when I was younger
Tiny fried fish is something I know from my childhood, my mum used to fry up tiny fish as a snack when I was younger. Now that I am back from Lanzarote I had to make this again to keep some traditions alive for kids.

Out shopping I cam across these tiny anschovies cleaned without the heads and stomach content, and since my children are a product of these times I thought that these fish were perfect.

I enjoyed my little tapas
You need
Tiny anchovies
oil for frying
Heat the oil in fryer or in drying pan
Use the amount of anchovies you want and dip them in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. make sure that all the little fish gets a nice coating of flour and dust the off a little before frying. fry the fish in the oil untill they are nice and golden.

Remove the finished fish and let them drain on paper towels.

Serve with some lemon and a Clara 🙂

Foto: Inga Ragnhild Holst