Ardbeg Grooves

Say hello to Ardbeg Grooves. The most GROOVY that has happened since 1969 comes from the small village of Ardbeg on the Scottish island of Islay. This year’s limited edition is a celebration of the hippie era of the 60’s.

An homage to the 60’s and the hippies they say, hmmm. I try to imagine a Scottish hippie as I take a sip, but in my head I keep hearing Austin Powers saying “groovy baby”, while getting a mental picture of his crooked smile. The character is neither Scottish or hippie, but he does represent the psychedelic 60’s. I shake my head to get rid of this image, he is to funky and playful. Swirling the whiskey in my glass close to my face I smell leather and pine with a hint of smoke and ocean spray another image pops up in my mind, Jamie Fraser from the TV series Outlander, Laird James MacKenzie Fraser, Imagine him with flowers in his hair…, colorful pants and unbuttoned leather vest…. Yeah, that would be groovy baby.

The combination of malted barley, pure water from its own water source, and a huge dedication and passion has resulted in an exciting and intense whiskey.

For this 2018 limited edition, Ardbeg has experimented with an unusual type of oak barrels. Unlike most other whiskeys stored in old bourbon casks, Ardbeg Grooves has been stored in double-burned oak casks with which wine has been added. The result is a more smokey, intense and a groovy experience.

This Ardbeg has an intense aroma of smoked cinnamon and paprika, leather, pine, with a hint of bonfire and ocean spray. There are also small hints of lavender, white pepper and fresh flowers mixed with coriander and mint.

When you taste it you get a heavy mouthfeel with salted toffee, vanilla popcorn, salted fruits with a touch of smoked meat and seaweed, and also smoked apples and pears..

Very OsloPhoto: Haakon Hoseth@

At the press release I went to they served a few drinks with Ardbeg and this was one of my favorites.

Peated Whiskey Sour

4 cl Ardbeg An Oa
4 cl lemon
2 cl sugar
2 dasher angostura
1.5 cl egg white

Reverse dry shakes, double traces and server in a cool coupette glass.

Cool a coupette glass.
Pour all the ingredients in a shaker.
Shake the ingredients with ice.
Remove the ice, and shake again.
Double trains over the cooled coupette glass.

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