Happy Easter

Hi, I hope everybody have had a nice Holiday whether you travelled or just stayed at home. Did you make decorations, prepared for a special meals or baked?

This Easter we have done a few things and taken it easy.

Easter treats and flowers

Here in Norway Easter is an observed holiday, the students gets a break that starts a week before Easter, you could say that it is a sort of spring break. Businesses are closed from Holy Thursday until Monday the third day of Easter except for grocerystores they are open on Saturday.

winter sports

This means that a lot of families get to spend quality time together, they often go up to their cabins in the mountains to go skiing whether it is cross country or downhill. Then you have the families that flees the cold weather and seek the comforts of a sunny beach somewhere warm.

Infinity pool,

As a family we have done both and we have just stayed home and relaxed. This year we are staying home. MiniMe got a puppy the week befor Easter break, an eight week old little Golden doodle, that needs a lot of care and attention.

Puppy cuddle

Happy Easter dear readers and hope you all have a wonderful time.

Here are some blog post of things that I have done for previously:

Flashy breakfast eggs for Faster

Fringed fabric napkins with crystal beads

marbling with nail polish

Jelly beans

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