Raggmunkar, swedish potato pancakes

Feeling a little peckish I looked through the fridge and seeing what I had on hand I felt like making potato pancakes, swedish potato pancakes like the ones I had on Gotland last year. I could raggmunkar and also make something for a challenge Mia from Green Bonanza started in September. This is a challenge for Norwgian foodblogers, each month one foodbloger will be in charge by choosing the theme of the month and follow up on the other bloggers. This months theme is potatoes and the challenger is Ina behind the blog Mat på bordet. You will find pictures from the challenge on Instagram under #oppskriftsutfordringen, you can also find links to this challenge at Matbloggsentralen Facebook page.

Here are some direct links, I’ll try to update as soon as there are new partisipants:

Bord for to-Potatoes three ways
Hver gang vi spiser-Hashed potato with egg and bacon
Mias mat-creamy Potatoes with mushrooms and bacon
My Nordic kitchen-Potato cake with cherry and chia jam
Sunnere alternativ-Rösti a swiss classic
Siv baker og steiker-Potato and leek soup with chorizo and a hint of truffles
Kjøkkenmagi-Gnocchi with a twist
Idéfull-Potato cookies
Et kjøkken i Istanbull-Potato stuffed rose börek
Aichas mat– Mediteranian inspired mashed potato
Grys kjøkken-Raspeball
Basilico-Rösti and lamb chops with red wine sauce

Killing two birds with one stone I made swedish potato pancakes with smoked trout and creme fraîche almost like the one I was served and I made a traditional one with bacon and lingonberries stirred with a bit of sugar. I got fed and made something for this months chalenge 🙂

Last fall I went to Gotland on a truffle safari and since it was truffle season, everywhere I ate it was truffles, truffles and truffles, but on one or two occasion I had truffle free meals. One place I ate lunch served Swedish potato pancakes called raggmunk. The word ragg means crispy and munk comes from a type of pan used to fry these pancakes, but these days an ordinary frying pan will do. A raggmunk is quite like Rösti and is a regional dish of Östergötland in Sweden. As always I like to make what I have eaten on my little adventures. 

My raggmunk with smoked trout and creme fraîche in the photo on top and in the picture below was the one I enjoyed on Gotland, raggmunk with smoked salmon and sour cream.

For four serving you need:

2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
4 cups milk
2 egg
800 g of the potato

For serving:

Smoked trout or salmon
Sour cream/ creme fraîche

lingonberry jam

Mix the flour and salt thoroughly in a bowl, pour about half of the milk and whisk the batter smooth and free of lumps. Beat in one egg at a time. Stir in the remaining milk and let the batter stand and swell for a little while.
Peel while the potatoes and grate them finely by hand or machine. Mix the grated potatoes in the batter.

If you are using bacon wich is the traditional version, then fry the bacon and drain on paper towels. Save the lard in the pan and use this to fry your pancake in and keep the bacon hot by wrapping the rashers in aluminum foil.

Fry potato pancakes untill golden on both sides on medium to high heat in a little butter. Wich size you make is up to you.

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