Crunchy sweet potato fries

Have you tried to make crispy sweet potato fries? No matter how many times you google you can’t seem to find THE right recipe and many of the recipes are almost the same.

Sweet potato fries

When baking or frying sweetpotatoe you might get a stiffer outer layer that soon softens, but it is not crunchy. The reason for this is that sweet potatoes does not contain the same tye of starch as the regular potato does, so to get the strips nice and crunchy you need to cheat a bit.

The picture above are fries from a foodtruck during the Food festival in Stavanger this summer. Look closely at them.

I bought some sweetpotato fries from a convinient store a while a go and they looked the same as the ones above, pre-made frozen fries as most fastfood places get them.

Do you see the differens between regular fries and the sweet potato fries in the picture above? The fries depicted has a thin layer of non potato crust. A sweet potato does not have the same starch content as a regular potato. Sweet potato is healthier to eat than a regualr potato, but when it comes to the fries, I think they are just as bad as eachother, specially if you want the sweet potato really crunchy.

As you can hear from the video above they do become crunchy.

Sweet potato fries recipe

Untill today I have used a long prosess when making this treat. First I soak the sweet potato strips, then drained the water, then salted them to extract moisture from the sweet potatoes, then rinse off the salt, give them a quick boil and dtain them again and let it dry a bit. Lastly added a thin layer of a mix of all purpose flour and corn starch before I fry them.

Today I took some shortcuts and it worked just as fine.

You need for each 1 lb of sweet potato:

1/2 kg/1 lb sweet potato
1 tablespoon salt
2 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons maisennamel
Oil for frying

Peel and cut sweet potato

Salt the sweet potatoes strips as in the picture above to extract moisture, let it stand for 15 to 20 minutes, as you can see from the photo above some moisture is ev\xtracted and the strips softens.

Rinse the strips well, remember that this salt will give saltyness to the potatoes, so do not oversalte them.

Drain and let the pieces dry a little.

Mix the flour in a bowl, add the sweet potato strips and tosse them around in the bowl so they get a thin layer of flour.

Fry on medium to high heat for 5-6 minutes, this I do twice.

Why twice.

1st time to give them a heat treatment,to cook and tonseal the moisture inside the potato pieces.

2nd time to give them a crisp crust.

When I buy cripy sweet potato fries from vendors that sell them, they are fried for about 2.5 minutes, but they have been pre treated before they were frozen and only need to be thawed and get a crispy crust.

If anyone has a better way to do this, please tell me about it how.

For those of you who are trying the recipe, bon appetit.

Enjoy fries with mayonnaise, chili mayonnaise, ketchup, aioli or anything else you would eat them with.

Sweet potato fries recipe

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