Refreshing Icetea

Ice tea

I got inspired to make iced tea after my little trip to Flanders last week, most of the restaurants and cafés served iced tea.

Iced tea is a grateful and cheap drink to make, you can make buckets of eat for a low cost. You need some tea bags and maybe a few other ingredients to garnish or to enhance the flavour, but most important of all loads of ice.

Tea tea Teapigs

For every one liter of water I use 2-4 teabags, depending on the tea used.

sweetener to taste, real sugar or artificial, your choise.


Play arround with the tea you have at home add a fe herbs or spices.

Lemon, ginger and mint:

1 liter water
0,5-1 dl sliced peeled fresh ginger(how much you use depends on how much kick you want.
1-2 lemons
sugar or sweetener
Mint and lemon slices to garnish

Start by boiling the water then add the ginger and teabags, let this seep for about an hour. Cool the drink and add the lemon juice and the sweetener you prefer.

Fill glasses with ice, lemon slices and mint and pour in the drink.

Red berry ice tea

For this berry Iced tea I used only teabags, 2 super fruits ( Hibiscus, elderberries, currants, blackcurrant, cranberries and blueberries) from Teapigs and 2 Green tea Blueberry and raspberry from Twinings.

Same procedure as the one above.


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