Healthy treats and juices with a slow juicer

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I have been making a few healthy juices and frozen treats while testing a Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500. This little wonder of a machine can prepare  juices and frozen treats from fruits and vegetables, while preserving valuable enzymes and nutrients.

Nice cream

MiniMe and I have been drinking immune boosters and body cleansers, plus making frozen treats this past week.


In the past I have been making nice cream in a blender and I have to confess that with a blender it is a bit inconvenient, you have to push down the frozen fruit all the time and the blades get stuck quite often. Another thing that is a minus with a blender is that it takes to long and the fruit melts.Nice cream recipe

This machine is fast working and grinds everything to a pulp in a blink of a moment. 500 g of frozen cut fruit and berries turns into a yummy treat in less than 2 minutes maybe 3.

We made two different nice creams, a vegan ice cream that is sugar free and lactose free. One with frozen pineapple, papaya and mango. The machine crushes everything so you make use of all the goodness in the fruit, no waist.

Panasonic juicerWe also made one with frozen strawberries, raspberries and banana. the consistency of these frozen treat is almost like sorbet, but so much more healthier.

Have you ever tried to make popsicle, but it usually end up with flakey water crystals and if you suck on it a bit you suck away all the flavor and end up with a lump of ice.

Nice cream popsicle, ice pop

After crushing the frozen fruit we put the pulp in icicle molds, stuck a lolly stick in it and put the mold in the freezer to set. The texture was perfect, there was no flakey crystals.

The sweetness and tartness of the treats depends on the ingredients you use and if you want you can add a bit of sweetener, artificial or natural.

Panasonic juicer

Juicing has become very popular and a juice is more than a thirst quencher, from what I have been told it is more powerful than you might think.

Juicing and detoxing has become very popular and juice bars pop up everywhere, to me a nice juice blend or smoothie has always been something I enjoyed on the go or sitting in the sun.

Today they say that juicing can even ward off cancer, it cane make you feel stronger by giving your immune system a boost and even decrease your chances of a heart attack. Plus, opting for a detox juice recipe is great for giving your skin the goodness it needs to stay looking gorgeous. And let’s not forget that as part of a healthy balanced diet, juice can help you to lose weight, too.

As a diabetic I see a few problems with juicing, there is too much sugar in fruit and some in vegetables, but drinking a heatth bringing juice in moderation is livable. A diabetics recommended daily portion of fruit is equal to 1 apple, 1 orange, 1 small banana or 8 grapes.


The recipe we used for testing are from The Juice Master, Jason Vale

Turbo expressBoost your immune system: The Turbo Express

2 green apples
A handful of spinach leaves 1 slice of cucumber
1 slice of lime
Half a celery stick
¼ pineapple
¼ avocado

Health benefits: This juice helps boost the immune system it is rich in potassium, vitamin C and iron,. It’s great for rebuilding red-blood cells and has plenty of protein and natural sugar helping white-blood cells fight off any bugs.

The DetoxCleanse your digestive system: The Detox

2 green apples
¼ cucumber
1 stick of celery
A handful of spinach
A handful of mixed green leaves like parsley and watercress
Health benefits: All those fresh greens will cleanse your digestive system and balance the acidity within your gut.

The ironmanHealthy bones: The Iron Man

1 green apple,
¼ pineapple,
¼ banana
200 g natural yoghurt
½ tsp spirulina

Health benefits: Iron is one of our most common mineral deficiencies but, do not fret, this juice is here to save the day. Iron’s also good for your hair and nails and helps improve your concentration. The juice is also full of calcium which is great for teeth and bones.
Mango, papaya and pineapple nice cream ice pops
This juicer is easy to use, fast and easy to clean. The instructions recommend that you do not let the machine run for more than 15 minutes, but there is no need for it to run for that long, our morning juice just takes a few minutes to prepare. The nice cream is just same, you get a frozen treat in just a few minutes.
I give this slow juicer two thumbs up:) and I am definitely going to use this machine often. I already have ideas for healthier frozen treats for the children.

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