Ramson butter

Ramson butter

Lets go for a walk it is so nice outside, I told my children and my mum and lets see if we can find anything. Find what?

Every spring I go on a little hike to find some ramson in the near by forest. Actually I did not go last year, so when I go there I was a little lost, I did not recognize my surroundings and the path was almost over grown. My mum kept asking if I was sure we went in the right direction, when suddenly MiniMe turned and said “Mum, there it is”

Wild garlic

Sure enough there it was the little patch with ramson growing amongst wood sorrel and horsetail. My nose must have been stuffy, usually you can smell a faint whiff of garlic when you walk by. Yes I am sure this is wild garlic and not lily of the valley.

Fun fact: Chicago was named after the North American ramson, because of the dense growth of ramps near Lake Michigan . The plant, was called shikaakwa (chicagou) in the language of local native tribes.


For this butter that I made you only need a bunch of wild garlic and som nice butter.


Ramson butter recipe

Cut the ramson any way you want and mix it with the butter. Let it sit for a while, to let the flavours mix and enjoy it with some nice bread or on some nice meat.

Wild garlic butter

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