In need of a place for my sewing machine, I did a quick DIY

The past couple of weeks I have been using up some of the fabrics that I have had stored in boxes since I moved in to my new place. I have made a little spring collection for MiniMe, dresses, pants, blazer and tops.

Making a mess I soon realized I needed a place for sewing and storing my sewing machine with easy access, and not to mention a place to hide all the mess.

I had planned to buy a cabinet at Ikea and retrofit it. Then I thought, do I really need to go out and buy a new piece of furniture, the little old cupboard that I have could be suitable for this purpose.

With a few scraps of wooden materials, some hardware, glue and a drill, I went ahead and put a little construction together,

that would fit inside one of the cupboards compartments.

I attached some wheels on it, so to roll it easily in and out.

Here it is almost finished and ready to be hidden from view. The only thing left is to figure out a nice way to store all the spools of thread and all the other things for sewing., and maybe paint the interior of the cupboard

Saved some money, did not have to go and buy something new:)

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