Fringed and dainty homemade fabric napkins with crystal beads

Napkin DIY

This years Easter table was a little pink and mainly decorated with citrus fruits and daffodils.

I did not really want to make much fuss this year so I was not really planning to do anything for Easter. Of course that idea did not last very long, because suddenly i had invited a few people over for a small Easter dinner, I had enough food so I thought why not. The only thing missing was the lamb for the traditional dinner, so saturday during the few hours the stores were open I hurried out and hoped that there were some lamb left in the store. I was in luck and found a decent leg of lamb.

2016-03-24 13.41.05

I must love stress or just never learn, instead of letting everything go smooth after prepping and putting the lamb in the oven to cook, I got the impulse to make a few napkins and decorate them with beads. These napkins are really easy to make.


I used some pink cotton and linen blend fabric and cut them in rectangular strips and sewed the beads on one edge.

I made six napkins and used:
Fabric 100 x 140 cm, cut into 70 cm X 33 cm
Crystal beads about 24 pc per napkin
Glass beads

Beading DIY

Pull the thread through the  needle so the thread is double layered.  Tie the ends of the thread in a knot.

Pull the needle through the fabric so the knot is on the side you do not want to bead. Put a couple of stitches into the fabric to ensure the thread is secure, then start beading.

I made three different edges on my napkins, two of each.

010a (1a)

The first one is a simple design, the crystal beads are spaced evenly along the edge.

The second one I added a glass bead on top of the crystal bead so the thread could be hidden inside the crystal bead, and I also added a bead between the crystals.

The third, I gave a scalloped edge


Beaded napkin DIY



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