Flip top candy box

Flip box DIY

My first ever box for my treats was similar to this flip top box, I wanted to make a box for my homemade treats that looked like the ones you got in the store. I was nine years old, I took a part the box I wanted to make and copied it.

You need_

Card stock
Something to decorate your box with

I have not put any measurements on this DIY, choose the size you want to make yourself.

Left: I drew out the lines for two flip top boxes, these are small h:  w: and t:1,5 cm

Right: Cut the along the lines I drew the arrows towards, the rest of the lines are folding lines.

Left: Add adhesive where I have indicates, cut out where you want your window on the front part of the box and glue a piece of acetate.

Right:Fold along the lines, you will now see how to fold and glue this together.

Left: Glue the bottom flaps on both side to the inside of side flap on the back part of the box.

Right: Glue the front flaps to the back flaps,

Left: Fold down and glue the top flaps of the front of the box, this gives you a nice opening edge.

Right: Fold the top flaps down

Left: Glue he little square flap on top of the triangular flap

Left: Fold and glue the little square flap over the triangular piece and the long flap to the inside of the lid.

Right: Finished box:)

Decorate your box and fill it with treats.




Homemade flip top box




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