Homemade paper bag DIY for your treats.

Paper bag DIY

Do you like to personalize your treats?

I do, I have been doing it ever since I was a kid, I can remember making sweet and wanted to put them in something nice before I gave them away. If I recolect right he first sweets I ever made was peppermint buttons were half was dipped in chocolate and I was so proud.

Paperbag  with window DIY


This DIY is for simple paper bags with a celophane window.  Today it is easy to just buy paper bags, but sometimes you do not have one at hand and this post is to show you how easy it is to make.

You need:
Cards stock
Pinking scissors
Double sided tape
X-acto knife
Cutting board

and something to fill the baggies with.

MiniMe and I have used graph paper for this illustration.

We used a business card sized piece of cardstock for the size of the baggie base. Then we marked where to fold the paper and where to put the window.

Next stage is to tape with the double-sided tape around the window and where to glue the baggie together.


Cut out the window, glue the cellophane on. Fold the paper and glue the edges together.


Glue the card stock to the bottom of the bag as seen in the illustration and in the video above.

When you have finished gluing the bag together cut the top with a pair of pinking scissors to give the bag a decorative edge. Fold the bag to close it and use string or ribbon to decorate it.

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