Happy Valentines day! Did you know that in some countries only the girls are expected to give gifts on this day?

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everybody will give attention to someone they hold dear as well as receiving.

In South Korea and Japan, it is usually the women who give gifts and attention to their special man or male friends on this romantic day, it is to express their love, tenderness, courtesy, friendliness or social obligation.

Handmade chocolates are preferred by the receiver, it shows sincerity and effort from the giver. I can remember stores filled with everything you need to make chocolate treats, tools, molds, ingredients, and boxes.

Some told me during my stay in South Korea that girls usually gave gift to as many male friends as possible.

Why you wonder?

The reason is that there is a day called White Day and it is celebrated on March 14.
All men who got attention on February 14 must reciprocate the gifts they received and the norm is that the gifts should be worth two to three times more than what the women gave. Ha ha ha, In other words you should not have to many admirers.

It was the business community in Japan that started the day and the first one was celebrated in 1978.
Color themes around this day is white. White cake, white chocolate, etc.

On April 14, Koreans unofficially celebrate a day.
Can you guess what kind of day that is?

The day is called Black Day. This is the day for those who did not receive anything the other two days. If you are single, you are supposed to wear black, eat and drink black, and then complain a little about being single.

Otherwise this day is part of the liturgical celebration in honor of the many Christian martyrs named Valentin.

The Christian celebration of this day may have roots in Roman celebration of the goddess Juno, who represented women and marriage, and the beginning of Lupercalia festival, a fertility celebration that began February 15th.

The valentines celebration we know today began in 1700s England, the day was used to express love and affection through gifts like flowers and chocolates and Valentine cards.

Again have a nice Valentines day 🙂

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