A day as a TV star

Early morning pick up, driven to location with a little detour, MiniMe was driven to school first, lunch delivered, I even had an assistant, the only thing missing was a chair with my name on, a chair for the star. Diva, who me?

2016-01-15 14.29.36

Last friday I was on a set filming me decorating a cake or more actually my hands decorating a cake.

The day began as I said with an early morning pick up, so early that I had forgotten to drive MiniMe to school, the driver was kind enough to take a little detour. I thought I had an extra hour before he came to pick me up. My fault I had mistakenly thought that it was an hour earlier. So he had to wait till I got MiniMe ready and all my things packed.

Some of the leftover scraps that I had to throw away.

I had spent moste of the evening before making marzipan and sugar fondant flowers, making sure I had enough for the cake,  so that I did not have to make them all on the set. This could be one of the reasons I over heard the first alarm or maybe I just needed my beautisleep.

I had so much to prepare and think about and yes some of them on the vainer side, what to wear and so on and since my hands and the cake was the main focus, my nails had to look nice. I painted my nails a few times trying on different nail polish and by the time I was finished it was passed midnight.


Spoilt little me, being chauffeured to the set and I even got an assistant doing the heavy work for me. Kneading and rolling out marzipan is quite exhausting, so I do what I am best at, point and command.

Replay of one of the shots that day.

I sound a little arrogant, but the truth of the matter is that the cameraman lives in my area and instead of driving two cars, he gave me a ride and he only had to wait for ten minutes. Since there are long waits between shooting the director gave me a hand in kneading and rolling the marzipan to a manageable thickness.

No, I’m not really a diva, just sound like one sometimes and it makes a more interesting story. I had fun on the set and maybe I should do this more often 🙂


The decor ordered was supposed to be light and pink, but I had to throw in an orchid as my little signature.

I do not know when this is going to air, but they promised me a copy that I can share on my blog..


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