Yule tide greetings

2015-12-26 00.51.23 (1)

Hi and Merry Christmas to you all

In the English speaking world this is the day. The children jumping out of bed, running in anticipation to see what Santa left them in their stocking, then the different Christmas must do’s before opening presents with their family.

Here in Norway Christmas was celebrated yesterday evening, a day before everyone else. I did also celebrate yesterday, but at work with the geriatrics. Today I celebrated with my family, my children, mum, brother and niece.

A different Christmas for me this year, this is the first time I didn’t get to celebrate Christmas eve with my children, plus it is 4 C degrees outside a warm and snowless Christmas. Reaaly strange this weather we are having. I can’t remember Christmas in Norway with temperature above freezing point.

Cousins playing and horsing around :)
Cousins playing and horsing around 🙂

Even though I did not get to celebrate with them yesterday, this day really made up for it. Young and old playing around and enjoying spending time with eachother, even though modern technology is a big part of their habits.

The children even showered me with gifts, one from each of them and one from all of them.

Practical gifts and maybe hints to what they would like to eat when they are here:)

Did you have a nice Christmas celebration?

I hope you did and happy holidays

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