Homemade Christmas crackers

Using Bon bons for Christmas is a very British tradition.
Crackers are typically pulled at the Christmas dinner table or at parties and are often filled with coloured paper hat, a small toy, or other little trinket, a joke, a riddle or a piece of trivia on a small strip of paper
I like to use them as gift wrappers and place cards. Mini me even got one on her christmas calendar
The Christmas crackers are very easy to assemble. The tricky part is to find the strip of paper that cracks. My solution is to buy cheap crackers and remove the trip, plus I get a paper crown and a hopeless joke, but the jokes kan easily be changed with some other joke, trivia or words of wisdom that you want to give to the person receiving your Christmas cracker.
You need:
Empty toilet rolls
Friction strips
Wrapping, tissue paper
Filling for the crackers
A sharp knife
Cutting board.
Cut a piece of paper that is the same length as three toilet rolls and wide that it will overlap when you wrap the rolls with 1-1,5 cm or 1/2″. Score the paper from the long side to the other, this is to make it easier to pull the cracker a part.
Glue the friction strip 2,5 cm about 1 inch from one of the edges and glue the middle toilet roll next to it with a thin strip of glue. PS. DO NOT PUT GLUE ON THE WHOLE ROLL, IF YOU DO IT WIL BE DIFFICULT TO PULL THE CRACKER A PART:
Wrap the toilet rolls and pull the outer rolls a little out in order to wist the ends.


Tie a ribbon arround one of the twisted ends and fill the other with the stuffing you want, tie the other end and decorate your bonbons. When you are finished decorating  remove the outer toilet rolls. Easy as pie, just remember to use paper that ripps easyli

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