Chocolate and cereal cluster

2015-12-13 15.48.46

One of the joys of Christmas, is making treat with my family.

These clusters are easy to make. I usually make these when I have leftover chocolate after covering homemade truffles or other chocolate candies, a nice way to use everything so not to waste anything. You can basicly use anykind of chocolate, you can use nuts, dried fruits, gum drops, your fantacy is the limit.2015-12-13 15.49.40

All you need is

Chocolate of your choise

Cereal or filler of your choise

Candy cups

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler on low heat, remember chocolate melts at body temperature. You do not want to overheat chocolate, overheating degrades it and the chocolate tend to become grainy.

When melted you have to temper the chocolate to realign its molecules, then you will have a chocolate with a good snap to it.

2015-12-13 15.51.49 (1)

When the chocolate is tempered add the cereal or ingredients you want to use and mix well. Scoop cluster into candy cups and let them set.

Keeps for about two weeks if stored in an airtight container and in a cool place.

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