Steamed cod with applebutter and flowersprouts

Do you sometimes sit at a restaurant and think “I wonder if I can make something similar at home?” I do and sometimes I find myself picking out ingredients at the grocery store thinking “Oh, I can use that”


In this case I have tried to make my version of a white fish dish that I had at Oko Restoran in Kaberneeme in Estonia. They used local white fish, local apples that I do not remember the name of, brussels sprouts and seafood foam.

For my dish I used cod, flower sprouts a cross between kale and brussels sprouts, apple butter and seafood foam

Ingredients for 4

600-800 g Cod loin

Apple butter, see directions below

300-400 g Flowersprouts (use kale or brussels sprout if you want)

2,5 dl Seafood or fish stock

2,5 dl skimmed milk


salt and pepper to taste.

Lemon thyme twigs and edible flower petals as garnish.


First make apple butter, the amount of ingredients below is for this dish, but you can make a larger batch if you want and preserve them in jars for later use.


Sautée the vegetable in a pan with butter salt and pepper.


Heat up stock and skimmed milk and put aside and keep warm.


Cut the cod into 4 equal pieces and sprinkle a bit of salt on all sides.

Place the cod in a preheated pan with 2 tbs butter and fry lightly on both sides. Add water,

turn down the heat to low and place a lid on top and let it cook al the way through.


Blend the stock and milk mix with an immersion blender until frothy

Plate your dish and enjoy. I would recomend serving this dish with some heavenly brown butter and some nice bread, see recipe HERE

Apple butter

500 g of good cooking apples (I used Gravenstein)

1/2-1 dl apple cider vinegar

1/2 dl water

1 dl Sugar

1/4 tsp Salt

2-3 twigs of lemon thyme

Grated rind and juice of 1 lemon

1 Cut the apples into quarters, without peeling or coring them (much of the pectin is in the cores and flavor and color in the peels), but cut away damaged parts.

2 Put them into large pot, add the sugar, vinegar and water, cover, bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer and add the lemon thyme twigs, cook until apples are soft, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat.

3 Ladle apple mixture into a sieve (or foodmill) and use a pestle to force pulp from the sieve into a large bowl below. Add a dash of salt, the lemon rind and juice. Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary.

4 Cook the mixture uncovered in a wide thick-bottomed pot on medium low heat, stirring constantly to prevent burning. Scrape the bottom of the pot while you stir to make sure a crust is not forming at the bottom. Cook until thick and smooth. You can also cook the purée on low heat, stirring only occasionally, but this will take much longer as stirring encourages evaporation. (Note the wider the pan the better, as there is more surface for evaporation.)


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