Norways Chef of the year 2015

Photo: From left: Christopher W. Davidsen, Øyvind Bøe Dalelv, Jan-Erik Hauge, Adrian Løvold, Adam Schive Bjerck, Christian André Pettersen.

Norway’s most important culinary competition Chef of the Year 2015 was held at Mathallen in Oslo today. Six of the country’s leading chefs competed to become the next Norwegian candidate for the international Bocuse d’Or competition.

The temperature was high in the kitchen at todays competition for the title Chef of the Year 2015 at Mathallen in Oslo, but only one of the six talented finalist will be able to take home the prestigious title.

The six chefs that fought for the title Chef of the Year 2015 and Norways next Bocuse d’Or representative are:

· Christopher W. Davidsen (32) Restaurant Søstrene Karlsen Trondheim.

· Jan-Erik Hauge (25) from Tango Bar og kjøkken in Stavanger.

· Adam Schive Bjerck (26) from BARE Restaurant in Bergen.

· Øyvind Boe Dalelv (26) from Statholdergaarden in Oslo.

· Adrian Løvold (28) from Storfosna Gods in Trondheim.

· Christian André Pettersen (26) from Spiseriet in Stavanger.

Todays fortunate winner is Christopher W. Davidsen and he will be representing Norway in the Bocuse d’Or Europe in Budapest in May 2016 and then in the world final in Lyon in January 2017, the Bocuse d’Or.

Photo:, Happy winner

Several awards was handed out to day along with Norway’s candidate for the next international Bocuse d’Or competition. The awards included best palate delight of mutton from Norway, Best Commis and Best Identity.

· Chef of the Year 2015: Christopher W. Davidsen

· 2. Space: Christian André Pettersen

· 3rd place: Øyvind Boe Dalelv

· Best commis: Havard Christian Werkland

· Best Identity: Øyvind Boe Dalelv

· Best Palate  Delight: Christopher W. Davidsen

In addition, the former gold medalist Ørjan Johannessens commis received a surprise award, The Golden commis award a cash prize for the amount of NOK. 25 000.- this prize was a collaboration with Gyldendal and Ingrid Espelid Hovig.

Todays schedule for the competition:

· 10:00- Competition Start. First candidate begins to compete at. 10:00, the remaining candidates will start every 10 minutes.

Photo:, HRH Crown prins Haakon told the audience that he makes a mean fried egg and oatmeal porrige.

· 12:30- palate Delight jury and HRH Crown Prince Haakon meets the competitors and judges.
· 15.00- Presentation of seafood dishes

Photo:, seafood dish by the winner

· 16.00- Presentation of meat dishes.

Photo:, Meat dish by the winner.

·18.15: Award ceremony, announcement of the winner


The Norwegian Bocuse d’Or Foundation:

Bocuse d’Or Norway’s foremost task is to select and assist Norwegian candidates towards the world’s most prestigious culinary competitions; Bocuse d’Or Europe and Bocuse d’Or Lyon. Chef of the Year is Norway’s most important culinary competition, where the country’s best and most ambitious young chefs compete for Norway’s spot in the international competition.

Bocuse d’Or in Lyon was established 30 years ago, and during the 15 World Championships so far, Norway has gone home with five gold medals and nine podium finishes. Only France beats Norway, with one podium finish. The 12 chefs who has taken home these prestigious awards, is today among the leading and most beloved chefs is Norway, and the majority of them was sitting as judges during the competition at Mathallen in Oslo on 13 October this year. More about this on

This years jury:


· Eyvind Hellstrøm (fifth place, Bocuse d’Or, 1989).

· Lars Erik Underthun (silver, Bocuse d’Or, 1991).

· Bent Stiansen (Gold Bocuse d’Or, 1993).

· Charles Tjessem (Gold Bocuse d’Or, 2003).

· Tom Victor Gausdal (Silver Bocuse d’Or, 2005).

· Sven Erik Renaa (Fourth place, Bocuse d’Or, 2007).

· Geir Skeie (Gold, Bocuse d’Or, 2009).

· Gunnar Hvarnes (Bronze Bocuse d’Or, 2011).

· Ørjan Johannessen (GoldBocuse d’Or, 2015).

· Rasmus Kofoed, Danmark (Gold Bocuse d’Or, 2011).

· Phillip Tessier, USA (Silver Bocuse d’Or, 2015).

· Even Ramsvik (First runner-up twice as Chef of the year and chef at the Michelin stared restaurant  Ylajali in Oslo Norway).

The Finalists

Christopher W. Davidsen

Christopher William Davidsen (32) is the oldest candidate in this years Chef of the Year 2015 competition. He is the executive chef at Søstrene Karlsen, Kalas & Canasta and Almas in Trondheim Norway

Jan-Erik Hauge

Jan-Erik Hauge (25) is the youngest chef among this year’s candidates and yet he convinced the Academy that he is a chef to recon with. Jan Erik work as sous-chef at Kjartan Skjeldes Tango Bar &  Kitchen in Stavanger Norway.

Adam Schive Bjerck

Adam Schive Bjerck (26) established in 2012 Adams matkasse, Internet-based food box delivery with dinners and menus with quality ingredients and recipes. Adam keeps close contact with the restaurant business, and acts as an advisory chef at BARE Restaurant in Bergen.


Øyvind Bøe Dalelv

Øyvind Boe Dalelv (26) is assistant manager for Bocuse Chef Bent Stiansen at Statholdergaarden in Oslo. He comes from Bodø, where he grew up and went to school with Cristian Andre Pettersen one of the other candidates for Chef of the year 2015.

Adrian Løvold

Adrian Løvold (28) is head chef at Storfosen Gods, a mansion on the island Storfosen at Ørlandet on the coast of Trøndelag in Norway. At this place he lives out two of his lifelong passions, cooking and diving.


Christian André Pettersen

The Bodø native Christian Andre Pettersen (26) has a strong drive to compete internationally in the culinary art. Since he was nine years old his dream has been to be among the top three at the Bocuse d’Or. Today Christian works as assistant chef at Spiseriet at the concert hall in Stavanger.


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