Pancake challenge

Note to self- I do not have to accept every challenge just because a cheerfull and bubbly voice asks me to. But it was nice to be asked.

This challenge is for a norwegian dairy company that has launched its own online recipe site TINEs “MatSans”.  TINE has got the world famous Nathan Shields to make pancake art by famous Norwegians, among them Erna Solberg, Jonas Gahr Støre and Marit Bjørgen.

HERE is a link where he makes one of his pancakes


Here is a list of the other norwegian bloggers who also did this challenge(FYI-posts are in norwegian):

My brain started grinding out ideas while I was waiting for the squeeze bottles the bubbly voice was going to send me. So the other day I went grocery shopping and went to bed happy and was looking forward to draw and experiment with pancakes. Early next day I received a message “Hi, I saw on instagram that you were going to post your pancakes in a few day, but we are going to pick the winner to day” Oops. I had to admit that I had mixed up the dates. But I got till noon to make a blog post. I had three hours to do this thing that I have never done before.

Here is my contribution a little simpler than first planned. Savory filled pancakes with a pancake napkinring with a place tag and a tealight holder.

How was I supposed to solve this little problem of mine, since I had so little time and I have never made pancake art before. Should I make thick, thin, flat or 3D. While making the batter I got from TINE my mind was storming and in a way I went on autopilot that needed some tune up. This plane should not have been aloud to take off.

 I was planning to decorate a table with pancakes, lanterns, flowers, fruit a little cornucopia of the Falls bounty. But what you see above is the result of three hours work, where two of them spent on disaster and failures.
I planned to change the logo on my blog with pancake writing and a portrait of my self.
Underneath you see the result of attempt two and three, at least on the third try my face stuck to the girdle. This post was originally made for my norwegian blog Lizas matverden

The mess you see underneath was supposed to be a lantern that I had drawn fall fruits.

So what did I learn from this challenge, make sure you have enough time and practice a head. This is actually something I try to teach my pride and joys, mummy should listen to her own advice.


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